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Alberta Has Announced A New Look For Driver's Licenses And ID Cards

The new cards will feature an image of the Albertosaurus.
Alberta Has Announced A New Look For Driver's Licenses And ID Cards

As of June, whenever Albertans go to renew their license, they'll receive a card with a totally new look. The new design was created by the provincial government, in order to bring in new security features and protect identity fraud.

The Minister of Service Alberta, Stephanie McLean has said,

"Our government takes identity fraud very seriously. We are the first jurisdiction in North America to integrate this combination of design and security to protect Albertans from ID theft and prevent fraud. We are using the latest technology available to safeguard people's personal information and prevent scams."



Apart from just bringing new security features, the new licenses and ID also have a different aesthetic design. The driver's license will depict Castle Mountain and the Bow River in Banff National Park, and the ID Cards will show a Wild Rose, the provincial flower of Alberta. Both cards also present a photo of an Albertosaurus. 

New security features include rainbow printing, "ghost" date of birth, look-through windows, and a high-definition primary photo, among other super cool features!

The province says that due to technological advances, these new cards will cost less to manufacture, saving taxpayers up to $1 million annually. The government would also like to inform Albertans that there's no need to replace current cards; they will simply be phased out through the usual renewal process over the coming years.

Source: Chat News

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