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Alberta Is In For A Long, Hot Summer This Year

Get your sunscreen ready.
Alberta Is In For A Long, Hot Summer This Year

If you haven't already noticed, it's been pretty hot in Alberta lately. All across the province, temperatures have been much warmer than normal, and we can expect to see this for the rest of the summer!

The Weather Network recently released their long-term summer forecast for 2018, and there's no denying that Western Canada is definitely being hit with the weather we begged for over the past gruesome winter. 

Chris Scott, Chief Meteorologist at The Weather Network says,

"This summer looks to be a warmer version of the pattern we saw across Canada last year, with the hottest weather anchored over western Canada. Ontario and Quebec will once again escape the the hottest weather but this summer will bring more heat than last summer. Atlantic Canada looks to have the best combination of condition with a warm summer and near seasonal precipitation."

Along with the hot, dry weather comes worries of the harsh impact it will have on agriculture. There are already widespread drought conditions in place across the province, which looks like it will only worsen as the summer goes on. 

The entire province, all the way from High Level up north to Lethbridge down south is expected to have temperatures that are above normal, but it should also be noted that an active storm season is in the forecast near the mountainous regions!

One thing's for certain, no matter where you are in Alberta, you'll want to make sure you apply plenty of SPF!

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