Worldwide Soccer Fans Are Obsessed With A New Star Player From Alberta

And his life story is super inspiring!
Alphonso Davies Could Become A Global Soccer Star & He's From Alberta

There’s no way a Canadian could become a global soccer star. Right? An Alberta boy is here to prove that wrong. Teenager  Alphonso Davies is taking Europe by storm after moving from the Vancouver Whitecaps to Germany’s Bayern Munich. The 19-year-old has got soccer fans in total meltdown mode over his recent performances. Some people are already describing him as one of the world’s best players, despite the fact soccer stars generally peak in their late 20s.  

If you’re a Canadian who hasn’t had much reason to invest time or interest in soccer in the past, this local legend should get your stoked for the sport.  

Davies was singled out for praise by many experts and fans of the sport after his team travelled to London on Tuesday, February 25, and beat English club Chelsea in Europe’s biggest soccer competition, the Champions League.

Many tweeted their appreciation for Davies, describing him as one of the best — and fastest — players in the world.  

One described Davies as "world class" in his position, left-back, and another said he "might be the best LB in the world on current form."

Others pointed out that Davies is more than just a talented sportsman by posting videos of his eccentric posts on TikTok.

Former professionals of the sport in Europe have been giving Davies shout-outs since he wowed fans with his performance in London, including ex-Manchester United captain Rio Ferdinand, as well as England strikers Peter Crouch and Gary Lineker, who said he played "beautifully".  

Broadcasters, meanwhile, have tweeted out footage of Bayern fans enthusiastically chanting his nickname, “Phonzie”

Despite his departure to Europe, Davies remains popular in North America, and the official Major League Soccer account tweeted an "appreciation post" following his game in London.

Davies already has quite a life story, despite only being a teenager.

He was born in a Ghanaian refugee camp in 2000 after his parents fled from civil war in Liberia, according to a profile on the BBC.   

His family immigrated to Edmonton, Alberta, when Davies was five years old and he went on to play for Major League Soccer’s Vancouver Whitecaps. 

Despite his young age, Davies became an important member of the Whitecaps’ team, establishing himself as one of Canada’s brightest sporting prospects.

In 2018, he moved from the Whitecaps to Bayern Munich, Germany’s biggest team and one of the leading sides across Europe.

Although he plays at left-back, a defensive position, Davies has been praised for his attacking attributes as well. He set up one of Bayern Munich’s goals in their 3-0 win over Chelsea this week.  

Alphonso’s talent is no secret in North America. Last October, he scored in Canada’s 2-0 win over the United States.

Meanwhile, Davies’ old club, the Whitecaps, kick off their new season this weekend.

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