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An Airbnb Host In Edmonton Shares The Most Horrific Story About Guests Sexually Assaulting Women In Their Bed

This Airbnb host claims that their two guests racked up $10,000 in damage, and turned their home into a crime scene.
An Airbnb Host In Edmonton Shares The Most Horrific Story About Guests Sexually Assaulting Women In Their Bed

An Airbnb host in Edmonton, Alberta shared what most certainly could be the most horrific hosting experience in history. The host posted their story on the Canadian Reddit forum, under the username "airbnbhorrorstoryyeg." 

The host claims that they decided to rent out their apartment over the Easter long weekend while visiting a sick relative. Their guests were two men in their late 20s to early 30s. The host returned to discover that their home had been turned into a crime scene. The guests had done $10,000 worth of damage, and even the police had to get involved. 

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The host says that the guests put holes in the walls, did drugs indoors, and left the place littered with drugs, alcohol bottles and used condoms. But, that's nowhere near the worst of it. 

The host claims that the two guests sexually assaulted at least one woman in their bed, "leaving blood and bodily fluids everywhere." 

Neighbours allegedly witnessed the guests kicking two women out of the house in the middle of the night. "There was yelling and screaming, and they dragged them out of my unit by their hair," the host writes.

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The host discovered clumps of long hair and stray pieces of women's jewelry all over the place. There were also scuff marks on the wall and front door from high heel shoes. Local police got involved, and came to the host's apartment to survey the damage and take DNA samples. 

"It turns out these two are known to police as members of a gang," the host writes. Despite help from Airbnb, the host says that dealing with them has been nothing short of a nightmare.

The host has spent countless hours collecting proof of the $10,000 damage, but was only offered a $2,000 settlement. The host refused the offer, pushing for a fairer settlement. So far, they haven't received a penny. 

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"Where do I go from here? I need the money... however I am concerned that if I hire a lawyer, I will end up owing money (even if I win) due to legal costs," the host writes. Dozens of people have commented with words of advice.

"First, hire a lawyer," one Redditor writes, "if the facts are as you say they are your chances of winning a settlement are pretty good. Secondly, go to the media. Never underestimate the power of a squeaky wheel to get what you need. Make a lot of noise, get media attention (should be easy considering your story) and AirBnB will probably change its tune dramatically."

To all you Airbnb hosts out there - let this be a reminder to always do a thorough background check on your guests.

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