Walking around is the hottest new activity in Edmonton. Lately, a lot of us have been forced to get creative when thinking of things to do. Apparently, people in Edmonton are walking way more than the rest of the world since social distancing mandates and COVID-19 closures started. Recent reports with Apple's walking data show that Edmontonians are really on the move. 

Finding things to do during isolation has been difficult, and you can only make so many loaves of bread before you are absolutely over it. 

By the looks of data provided by Apple, one of the latest activities that has caught on amongst most Edmontonians is walking. simple, elegant, no-frills. 

Earlier in April, Apple announced that it would be making mobility data available to aid in COVID-19 efforts. 

“This mobility data may provide helpful insights to local governments and health authorities and may also be used as a foundation for new public policies by showing the change in volume of people driving, walking or taking public transit in their communities,” the company explained in a press release. 

In the lengthy data report, it shows walking, driving, and public transit data from cities all over the world. 

Blake Shaffer, assistant professor at the University of Calgary, then used this mobility data to compare changes in walking activity amongst 89 major world cities, which he shared on Twitter. 

He concluded that Edmonton locals are out and about walking more than anyone else during COVID-19. 

Since so many more people in the city are out walking, driving and public transit use has gone down. 

According to Global News, Shaffer took the data from when the lockdown restrictions first happened. Out of over 80 cities, Edmonton is leading the walking charge. 

This means the city beat out even New York City, Vancouver, and Tokyo. 

Coming in at the number two spot was Munich followed by Atlanta. 

The second major Canadian city to make the list was Calgary in the ninth spot. 

While people in Calgary are encouraged to go out and walk, the Calgary mayor did say during a question and answer period that social distancing was important and people should be sticking to their own neighbourhoods. 

Despite Vancouver once being named as the best place to live if you don't drive, Vancouver ranked near the middle at number 42.

On the same list, Shaffer noted which major cities weren’t walking as much. 

Cities like Istanbul, Riyadh, and Mumbai were amongst the top places not walking during COVID-19. 

Though walking isn't the most exciting hobby, it’s way better than doing a puzzle. Just ask Edmonton Oiler’s player Kailer Yamamoto.