Brutally Honest One Sentence Descriptions Of 11 Alberta Universities

Sorry, not sorry.
Brutally Honest One Sentence Descriptions Of 11 Alberta Universities

It's that time of year again. Back to school is creeping upon us, and what better way to get ready than to find out what brutally honest description sums up your school?

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Of course all of Alberta's schools are super incredible, and all known for great things. They all also have their quirks, which are worth poking fun at. Check out the list, and see if our descriptions match yours:

1. University of Alberta

Where everyone wants to go, but not everyone gets accepted.

2. Athabasca University

Where you go when you're not totally committed to the idea of uni, or you wanna get an education from at home with no pants on.

3. University of Calgary

If you go here, you make sure you tell everyone you meet, because apparently, it's the biggest deal ever 👀.

4. University of Lethbridge

Where you go to get an education in beer pong.

5. MacEwan University

Constantly being undermined by U of A, but still just as good.

6. Mount Royal University

Business/Aviation students in suits vs. everyone else.

7. The King's University

There's probably a guy playing "Wonderwall" on guitar somewhere on campus, at all times.

8. Concordia University of Edmonton

Where you end up if you think U of A is too big, but you still want to go to school in Edmonton.

9. SAIT Polytechnic

You'll go in super dedicated to being an engineer, and come out super dedicated to beer.

10. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Your only goal is to get your degree, and get rich.

11. Alberta College of Art & Design

Current struggling artists, future struggling art teachers.