Calgary Vs Edmonton: Where Should You Be Living?

There's more to consider then you'd think.

If you're a millennial living in Alberta, chances are you'll find yourself residing in either Edmonton or Calgary for some amount of time. There's always been a debate about which is better, and we're here to help you figure out the answer to that.

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Of course, every person is different. We've factored in all the things that are important to millennials, such as night life, traffic, rent costs, universities, etc. so that you can determine where you should be living.

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Night Life 🎉

Calgary's nightlife is a lot like the city: full of variety. There's Cowboy's and Knoxville's for country lovers, Commonwealth for the hip hoppers, and HiFi for the EDM fans. 17th Ave is also great for casual bars for drinks with friends.

Edmonton seems to have plenty more bars/pubs than nightclubs. That's perfect if you're a casual drinker, but if you're one for partying, it might be a bit of a problem. Edmonton has a Knoxvilles as well, so that covers country. Other club options include Envy, Y Afterhours, and Prive Ultralounge.

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Traffic 🚗

Everyone knows that, above all else, Calgary is known for traffic. Our rush hour lasts from 4-6, and people drive like idiots, no matter the weather. One benefit of Calgary driving is that it's all mostly on a highway. How convenient? If you're patient, and can handle the craziness, Calgary traffic won't bother you whatsoever.

Edmonton, being a smaller city, definitely has less traffic. Edmonton can be a bit confusing to figure out, what with the massive traffic circles, but if you have your GPS and a cool head, you should be fine.

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Rent 🏠

A 1-bedroom apartment in Calgary can start at $595 and cost as much as $2,095 ( Obviously rent is higher in the luxury apartments downtown, but if you're willing to settle for a place in the suburbs, you'll definitely save some money.

Renting a 1-bedroom apartment in Edmonton can range anywhere from $455 - $2,250 ( Prices start out a bit lower here, but living in Edmonton can cost just as much as living in Calgary.

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Universities 🎓

Calgary has a lot of amazing schools that will get you even better credentials. U of C is known for it's Engineering and Education programs, MRU for it's Aviation and Journalism, and SAIT for it's many trade options. You can't go wrong with any of them.

Edmonton also has a lot of prestigious universities. U of A is known for it's Pharmacology and Education programs, MacEwan is known for it's Social Work and Music programs, and Kings for it's Environmental Studies program. Again, a lot of great options.

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Population 🌆

In the 2011 census, Calgary had a population of 1,096,833. It's more than likely increased in the 6 years since then.

As of 2016, Edmonton's population is 932,546. Not quite as large as Calgary, but still pretty big.

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Weather ⛅

Calgary is definitely known for being dry, so be sure to always carry moisturizer. The summers here are generally pretty warm and sunny, with the occasional rainfall. Winters tend to vary from year to year, but can be super cold and snowy.

Seeing that it's farther north, Edmonton definitely doesn't get as warm as Calgary. The climate is very similar though, just with lower temperatures.

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