Canada Goose's New Edmonton Store Has Freezers For Dressing Rooms (PHOTOS)

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Canada Goose's New Edmonton Store Has Freezers For Dressing Rooms (PHOTOS)

Get ready for a surreal shopping experience! Canada Goose just opened a new location in Edmonton. What’s super interesting about this location is that it will have a cold dressing room where you can actually try on and test out the jackets in freezing conditions. If this isn’t the most extra 2019 thing ever then we don’t know what is. 

Everyone who lives in Canada knows Canada Goose. Their goose-down jackets are actively sought after, especially if you live in the prairies!

The Canada Goose jackets have become so popular that a new Canada Goose location is opening up on the second floor of the West Edmonton Mall. This will be the company's first ever Edmonton-based location. This is the second Canada Goose location in all of Alberta. 

According to Canada Goose, the new store will have an extremely cold room where you can try on jackets. No, we aren't making this up.

Only one other Canada Goose store in Canada features this freezing changing room, with temperatures as low as -25 Celsius! Not only will this cold room exist, but it will be the largest cold room in Canada! 

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Back in November, Canada Goose first announced they would be creating the cold rooms in an effort to prove the skeptics wrong and show people how warm their jackets really are. The brand is famous for creating winter coats that can withstand all types of climate, including extremely chilly environments. 

[rebelmouse-image 25945766 photo_credit="Canada Goose" expand=1 original_size="5400x3600"]

This new location is going to have tons of exclusive features including an “Edmonton Toque". You literally won't be able to get it anywhere else. 

By the looks of it, this store is seriously massive and includes commissioned art exclusively made for this store. 

In terms of clothing, this store will have over 300 jacket style and colour combinations, over 45 pieces of knitwear options, 50 pieces of accessories, and 60 pieces of youth, kids, and baby clothing. 

According to the company, opening day for the store is today on Thursday, Aug. 29. While it may be August, winter is just around the corner and by the looks of it, we may need to invest in some new attire. 

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