Canada’s Biggest Gingerbread House Is Now On Display In Edmonton & It’s WOW (PHOTOS)

Over 3,000 eggs and 600 hours of labour went into making this house.
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Canada’s Biggest Gingerbread House Is Now On Display In Edmonton & It’s WOW (PHOTOS)

Christmas is just around the corner and it seems like every city in Canada is getting a head start on celebrations. While most places boast beautiful holiday lights and tall Christmas trees, others are going above and beyond. A sweet new structure believed to be Canada's biggest gingerbread house is on display in Edmonton right now and you can actually wander inside of it.

Between the holiday-themed festivals and December-like snowfall, the Christmas season has definitely arrived in Edmonton. 

Edmonton's Fairmont Hotel MacDonald is kicking off the holiday season in a big way by building what might be the largest gingerbread house that's currently standing in Canada. 

This house is made out of all edible products and is now on display in the hotel's lobby. You can head to the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald right now and see the 20-foot tall house in person. 

The Fairmont MacDonald has confirmed to Narcity that this gingerbread house is the hotel's largest version to date and we aren’t kidding when we say it’s massive. 

Coming in at 20 feet tall and 18 feet wide, this gingerbread house is bigger than most studio apartments in Vancouver. 

According to the hotel, the house took over 600 hours of labour. The hotel's culinary and engineering teams put their heads together to come up with its unique design. 

The design concept started back in July of this year. After finalizing the plans, it took a collective three weeks to pull it off. 

[rebelmouse-image 25957553 photo_credit="Fairmont Hotel" expand=1 original_size="3024x4032"]

Narcity spoke with a spokesperson from the hotel about the gingerbread house, who said its largest gingerbread house in Canada currently standing. They weren't able to confirm that it's the largest ever made in Canada, but we're going to safely assume that it's at least a contender.

An unbelievable amount of ingredients went into making this masterpiece. Altogether, the design called for 200 kg of brown sugar, 500 kg of flour, 3,100 eggs, 58 litres of corn syrup, 65 units of molasses, 52 litres of honey, and 20 kg of cinnamon. 

While it is 100% edible, you cannot eat it as it is for display only.

Once the display is over and done with, the culinary and engineering team will be discussing potential ways to reuse the majority of the castle.

The photos of this house look amazing. According to Global News, the theme of this year's castle was honeybees. 

Seeing as the hotel has four hives of their own that produce literally hundreds of pounds of honey annually, it made sense to pay tribute to its honey bees.  

From now until the first week of January, people can come into the Fairmont and enjoy the gingerbread house. It's truly something you have to see to believe.

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