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Alberta Has A Tiny NDP Island In A Sea Of Conservative Blue Post Election

Edmonton Strathcona is a little orange island in an ocean of blue.
Canadian Election Results: Alberta Has A Tiny NDP Island In A Sea Of Conservative Blue

Election week in Canada saw a flurry of changes sweep the country as Justin Trudeau held on to his position. According to the Canadian election results, Alberta has no love for Trudeau and the entire province is a wash of Conservative blue seats. There's one tiny speck of orange in the middle of that blue ocean though.

All of the votes are in for the Edmonton Strathcona riding and the winner is clearly the NDP candidate, Heather McPherson. This is the only non-conservative riding in the entire province after the election. McPherson had 47.8% of the vote while the Conservative candidate had 37.3% percent and almost 6000 fewer votes.

Post-election in Canada, Edmonton is an astounding 92.3% conservative while the NDP with one riding holds onto 7.7% of the electoral districts. 

According to The Star, McPherson said at her victory party on Monday, October 21 that “when we go into the next election, I don’t want to celebrate one seat that is NDP in Alberta. I want to celebrate 10 or 20.”

With just one NDP riding in the entire province, it's hard to say whether or not an orange crush would be possible in the next election.

McPherson takes the reigns of the riding from fellow NDP Linda Duncan who held the riding previously before retiring just before the 2019 election. This is the fourth term in a row that the riding has elected an MP from the NDP.

The tiny, orange NDP island is almost impossible to see on a map. There isn't a single Liberal, Green or Independent candidate in the entire province.

The Edmonton Strathcona riding is clearly a progressive pocket in Alberta and it's proven its mettle as an NDP stronghold in the province. One of the top issues heading into the election was climate change and the latest climate march in Edmonton drew huge crowds to the legislature to demand climate action.

Prior to the election, Edmonton was getting national attention lately since it was the latest Canadian city to be visited by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. A mural of her in the city was defaced just days after surfacing

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