This Edmonton Candy Store Gives You A Discount When It's Super Cold

If it's - 20, then candy is 20% off!
Candy In Edmonton: This Shop Gives You A 20% Discount If It's - 20 Degrees

If you're getting cravings for candy in Edmonton, then the best time to pick some up is when the mercury drops. The Sweet Convenience store is offering a deal you don't want to freeze on. They give you a discount depending on how cold it is outside. With record-breakingly low temperatures expected next week, this might be the only time you'd wish it were colder.

The discounts scale to the temperature outside, including windchill. For example, if it were - 25 degrees, you would get 25% off. If it were - 30 degrees, you'd get 30% off.

As Edmontonians gear up for record-shattering lows of -47 C with windchill on Tuesday, January 14, take solace in the fact that at least you'll have sweets to distract you.

Laurie Radostits, the owner of Sweet Convenience, was inspired to start the deal when she realized that the super cold weather was keeping people indoors.

"I looked and I was like oh my god, we're going to be so dead. I needed to come up with a sale or something to get people out of the house," said Radostits to Narcity.

Before starting the sale, she said they were getting less than 100 customers a day. After starting the sale, her customers range in the 1000's.

"On Wednesday, my first customer was at one o'clock," said Radostits. "Friday morning they were waiting for me. Saturday morning they were waiting for us. And this morning they were waiting for us."

The sale will last until the end of the month and it's applicable for all of their bulk candies.

Radostits is always on the lookout for fun sales and creative ideas. In the past, they've hosted stocking-stuffer sales and Halloween parties, to name a few. 

While Sweet Convenience offers to deliver their products to your door via Doordash, Skip the Dishes, or Snack city, the sale is currently only happening in-store. However, Radostits said she's trying to get it working for deliveries too.

According to the Weather Network, temperatures in the prairies will be some of the lowest on Earth next week, with Edmonton being comparable only to two places on Earth on Tuesday: the frigid Yellowknife in Canada and Yakutsk in Russia.

"I was like, ‘I need to reward the people that are coming out in this cold weather,'” Redostits said to Global News. The sale started on Thursday, January 9 and will continue for the rest of the month.

Their shelves are home to "many American goodies that you can’t find in Canada," according to their website.

Hosting treats from 19 flavours of cotton candy to special edition Oreos and Vanilla Coke, there's something there for everyone.