It's been hard to see our friends recently, but people are coming up with creative solutions. There's a cat mail carrier in Edmonton ferrying letters between neighbours, and it's adorable. Why buy stamps when you can use this kitty courier for free?

One apartment building in Edmonton has got their own, in-house version of Cat-nada Post and it's purfect.

"It's totally something to look forward to in this chaotic time," said cat-owner Sam Cramer to Narcity. "I'm like a little kid, oh boy, I got some cat mail."

Cramer is the proud parent of Bella the cat, a kitty that loves to disappear from the apartment. One day, Bella came home wearing a different collar.

"I honestly had about three minutes of total confusion where I didn't even think it was my cat," Cramer said because Bella normally didn't wear a collar.

Attached to the new collar was a tiny glass bottle with a little message wrapped inside.

"Hi! Are you the owner of this cat?" the note read. "What is their name? Please write back?"

It turned out that the letter came from her neighbours, who Bella had been visiting on the sly a couple times every day for the last few weeks. Cramer had no idea; she thought she'd blocked off her balcony but the cat was sneaking through anyway.

"The teenage girl who lives next door thought it would be really fun to make sure she had an owner and to make sure she had a name and all that stuff so she had sent this little note, and it's just been going back and forth for four days now," said Cramer.

"And so I sent back: Yes, she has an owner and her name is Bella."

Cramer says Bella's treating the neighbours much better than her owner.

"They said yes she's very lovely, she's not bothering us. She meows and comes in and enjoy their apartment quite a lot."

The whole experience brought them closer together as neighbours, Cramer said.

"We really just see maybe each other in the parking lot, we're not running into each other like we used to. You know, in the hallways or the elevator."

"It's a good distraction."