Is your date a chocoholic? If so, then we found the perfect spot to bring them this winter. The two of you can warm up over some heavenly chocolate fondue in Edmonton for under $20.

In the city, we have no shortage of extraordinary dessert spots that you can bring your date. Two spots you can't miss are a cafe that sells all purple treats and a bakery that makes donuts the size of your head.

But if you date craves chocolate, then there is no better place than Cacao 70. It is every chocolate lover dream come true, as they specialize in all sorts of sinful chocolate treats. 

On the menu, you'll find mouthwatering waffles, hot chocolates, fondue and more. Our top pick for when it is cold outside is their fondue platters.

After spending some time in the snowy wonderland outdoors, warming up over some decadent chocolate fondue is pure bliss.

Plus unlike regular desserts, fondue is interactive, so it is way more fun and if your date is uncoordinated then the two of you will have a giggle over who dropped the most food inside the chocolate.

The two of you can enjoy spending the evening dunking fruit, brownies or waffle pieces in the decadent pot of melted chocolate.

In Edmonton, we have two Cacao 70 locations. There is the Cacao 70 Sweet House on and the Eatery.

Both locations offer the addictively delicious chocolate fondue platters, but the prices vary slightly between both restaurants.

The single fondue is perfect if the two of you aren't too hungry, and they are under $14. While the double size is a real chocolate feast and there are several available for under $20.

When it comes to the fondues, there are so many options to pick from that you'll need to come back a few times to try them all.

For example, you can opt for a classic fondue of either melted white, dark or milk chocolate served with fresh fruit, brownie bites and waffle pieces.

Or if you can't pick one flavour, you could always order the Black and White Fondue, which has both white and dark chocolate. Plus, there are unique flavours like matcha or Earl Gray fondue that you can try. 

Cacao 70 in Edmonton

Price: From $11.95 or $12.50 depending on the location

Cuisine: Dessert

Address: Cacao 70 Sweet House at 10111 104 Ave. NW., Unit 118 & Cacao 70 Eatery at 10430 82 Ave. NW., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: Their fondues are every chocolate lover's dream come true and your date will love them.

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