Valentine's Day may be over but it doesn't look like we are running out of any excuses to keep treating ourselves to sweet treats. Cinnaholic Edmonton is here to keep things delicious and affordable by offering their customers super cheap Cinnamon Rolls in celebration of their 1st Anniversary. On Saturday, February 22, the Whyte Avenue location of Cinnaholic is selling their Old Skool Rolls for only $1 between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

Cinnaholic's location on Whyte Avenue is their second one in the city and only the sixth one in the entire country. The other Edmonton location is on Jasper Avenue by 109 Street; however, the sweet deal of $1 Cinnamon rolls can only be found in their Whyte Avenue shop. 

The vegan bakery franchise first made itself known to the world with an appearance on the hit show Shark Tank. According to the Edmonton Journal, this is a plant-based bakery that offers an extensive vegan collection. 

They are also committed to using only animal-free recipes, which means they use no dairy, lactose, eggs, or cholesterol in their items. 

Say no more, we are cancelling all our plans for this coming Saturday to feast on these rolls. 

Edmonton has its share of wonderful bakeries but there is something unbelievably irresistible about getting your favourite goodies at just $1.  

Unfortunately, to keep us from gorging on cinnamon rolls all day long, this deal limits four of these $1 rolls per person.

You know what, we're okay with that. We think that's more than enough to get our fill of the sweet and the gooey. 

Cinnaholic has over 40 bakeries across the United States and Canada.

In addition to their fresh-baked rolls of goodness, they also serve an assortment of cookies, brownies, cinnamon cakes and raw, edible cookie dough, according to their menu

So they've got you covered no matter which dessert you're in the mood for. 

They're also known for their build-your-own-roll service, which means you can hand-pick all the toppings and flavours you want on your roll.

Some of those mouth-watering frosting flavours include chai, raspberry, cream cheese and cake batter, and so many more. 

As for your toppings, you have the option to include pie crumble, brownie bites, walnuts, strawberry jam, Oreo cookies as well as many other decadent goodies.

So you know where you need to be this Saturday and we'll be seeing you there.

Cinnaholic Edmonton Anniversary Sale

Price: $1 for Old Skool Rolls

Cuisine: Vegan bakery

Address: 10345 82 Ave. N.W., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: If you want to treat yourself to cheap, delicious, gooey cinnamon rolls, this is where you need to spend your Saturday afternoon.