Oilers' Connor McDavid Shared 10 Things He Can’t Live Without & Albertans Can Relate

We didn't think we could love him more, but here we are. 🥰
Connor McDavid's 10 Essentials Are Beyond Relatable To Any Albertan
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Finally, some inside information on Connor McDavid. This Edmonton Oilers superstar has made a huge name for himself and arguably all of Canada knows him. But do you really know him? Well, you’re about to. GQ Sports recently released a video that shows Connor McDavid's 10 essentials and honestly, they are relatable. From AirPods to hockey sticks, this professional athlete's essentials are something everyone can agree with — especially if you're from Alberta. 

Edmonton Oilers' player Connor McDavid is a definite fan favourite. Between his heart-wrenching documentary about his injury his beyond adorable puppy, the fans love McDavid because he seems real and relatable. 

He’s about to get even more relatable to the public thanks to a video released by GQ Sports. 

The video posted on YouTube by the media outlet shares McDavid’s 10 things he can’t live without. From sunglasses to pre-workout, this video gives you an inside look into what makes McDavid tick. 

Even though the 23-year-old is from Richmond Hill, Ontario, he has a lot of things on his list that most Albertans can relate to. 

The video starts off with McDavid breaking a microphone with his hockey sticks and if you can’t appreciate that awkwardness, then this isn’t for you. 

McDavid starts off his top 10 list by naming his go-to pre-workout followed by his favourite sneakers. His next item is his hockey stick because, obviously. 

Next on the list is a parka because it is “essential for Canadian winters.” We feel that McDavid. Especially after the winter we just got out of. 

He goes on to state that because he lives, works, and plays in Edmonton, it’s essential. He even mentioned how Edmonton was once the coldest place on the planet. 

Oh, we remember. 

His other essential is a pair of Ray-Ban glasses. McDavid told GQ that these are essential for anyone in Edmonton because of the snow and the amount of sun the city gets. 

He also gave a funny story about the sunglasses saying he has lost or had them stolen several times but they have always come back. 

Fans might be surprised to know that McDavid's favourite sweet treat is black licorice. 

One of his cutest essentials is his dog, Lenny. We will give you a second to shriek at the cuteness. 

His fluffy pooch is everything you need right now and according to McDavid, he keeps him going and “doesn’t care if you have a good game or a bad game, he just wants to love you.”

McDavid's last item is his credit card to which the interviewer asked if Canada has tap. 

The athlete is quick to retaliate stating that yes, Canada has tap amongst other technology. 

“I think most Americans think in Canada we live in igloos, walk around and there is snow everywhere. But we have the tap,” said McDavid. 

If you didn’t love McDavid before, we are positive you will now. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer