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Connor McDavid's Puppy With Girlfriend Lauren Kyle Is Ridiculously Cute (PHOTOS)

He might be famous for being the Captain of the Edmonton Oilers and possibly the best player currently in the NHL, but he's also a dog dad. Connor McDavid's puppy with his girlfriend Lauren Kyle is total couple goals. Their dog even has its own Instagram @lenardthebernedoodle and it'll melt your heart.

Their puppy Lenard is a miniature bernedoodle, or a cross between a small poodle and a Bernese mountain dog. The result is a lovable, smart, and adorable dog breed.

He has floppy ears, a winning smile, a fluffy white chest, and that distinctive black and brown colour of a Bernese mountain dog.

Right now, Lenard is just a micro-influencer with just over 7000 followers. Compare that to his mom who has more than 28,000 or his NHL star dad with 820,000 — he has a long way to go if he wants to outshine his parents.

Last year, McDavid was seriously injured. There's even a documentary coming out soon about his journey to recovery after he felt like his leg was in two pieces. 

The NHL's golden boy got sidelined with another injury recently after a game on Saturday, February 8. Hopefully, he has a safe recovery and he has his best friend Lenard with him while he heals up.

When they first got the puppy, he was absolutely tiny. The Edmonton Oilers tweeted out that he was a "proud new dog dad."

In his earliest Instagram photos, the puppy looks like barely a handful of cute fluff.

McDavid's group costume for the holidays with his family was too cute.

He was the Grinch, Lauren Kyle was Cindy Lou Who, and their dog was obviously dressed as Max from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Dogs grow up so fast and they don't stay puppies for long. According to his Instagram profile, Lenard was born on June 26, 2019.

He's almost full grown by now and we can't wait for more couple goal pics of McDavid's family.

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