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An Edmonton Chef Teaches Gourmet Cooking Classes & Drops The Ingredients At Your Door

We'll have the Beef Wellington and the pesto pasta, please!

If learning to cook has been on your to-do list lately, then this could be the ultimate opportunity for you. The owner and chef at Milk Crate, Steven Brochu, is offering virtual gourmet cooking classes in Edmonton. To help you recreate fancy dining experiences in the comfort of your home, Brochu is also picking up and delivering the ingredients at your door. 

Narcity spoke with Steven Brochu, who gave us the scoop on how you can take part in these amazing digital cooking classes and get cooking on some delicious, restaurant-quality meals.

"It's a very new idea for us, so we're trying to take our time with it," he said. 

If you're interested, you can shoot him an email and tell him what you want to learn to cook. Once you've decided on your dish, you'll pick a time. Next, you'll chat about the ingredients and how many people you'll be cooking at home with.

The prices are different for every person, but generally, he's charging between $40 and $85 per hour or per class.

"It absolutely depends on what we want to make," he said. The price also includes the ingredients that Brochu picks up and drops off at your door as well as the cooking demo which he offers virtually. 

"On the date of the event, I show up to their houses a couple of hours before our cooking time, drop off the ingredients, run back to my place, get everyone connected via Facetime or Zoom or Skype and then we cook together," he told us. 

At a time when grocery stores are practically running dry or getting super crowded, it's really a blessing to have someone do the shopping for you and walk you through the entire cooking process.

"We know that people don't want to go outside. I want to try and recognize that. I want to minimize the risk to people," Brochu said. He also doesn't want his guests and food community to be totally bored during self-isolation

He said that he's already helped people make sourdough from scratch over an online two-hour class. This week, he will be teaching his students how to make a gluten-free beef wellington and vegetarian pesto pasta.

So regardless of your dietary restrictions, he's got you covered.

Brochu will also be teaching about 20 NAIT Students this week after the college's student association got hold of him. "The more people that join the class, the lower the price goes down," he said. 

At the moment, he's helping out a club that used to get together to cook and share recipes. Now he's helping people from the club get together again in virtual form and cook some delicious meals. 

Brochu told us that he has over 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry and specializes in Western European, French, French-Canadian, and North-American cuisines. 

If you love to eat and you need that extra push to cook some amazing meals for yourself and your isolation buddy, then you can just email him at steven@eatatmilkcrate.com

Whether you're after some awesome dishes or you just want to learn something new, this could be yet another great way to pass the time during self-isolation.