Looks like Edmonton is officially in the single digits. On Tuesday, May 5, the city of Edmonton only reported one new case of COVID-19 in the city. Although COVID-19 in Edmonton is still very much an ongoing concern, it appears that the number of new cases is on a downward trajectory. 

The province announced a total of 57 new cases, which itself is the lowest number of new cases that Alberta has recorded in a week. 

Among those cases, only one was detected in the Edmonton Health Zone.

The stats can be found on the Government of Alberta's official COVID-19 datasheet, where you can see that just one new case of the disease was reported on May 5, 2020. 

This low number comes as Premier Jason Kenney has already outlined his plan to reopen the province this month. 

Non-urgent, scheduled surgeries have been given the go-ahead from the province. Whereas medical practitioners such as dentists and physiotherapists can also resume their services. 

The next phase of Kenney's relaunch plan will kick off on May 14 when restaurants and retailers can begin reopening their doors. 

Hiking is also back on the agenda, although there are a bunch of new rules to be followed if you're planning to toss on your hiking boots anytime soon. 

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Edmonton has been reported to be 502, whereas Calgary bears the brunt of the cases in Alberta with about 3,917 in total. 

According to the Government of Alberta data, that's nearly 67% of the total number of cases in the province.

In terms of deaths, the province has registered a total of 106 deaths, with 72 in the Calgary Zone and 12 in the Edmonton Zone. 

Edmontonians may have this bit of good news to savour, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods just yet. 

Physical and social distancing measures are still meant to be followed, and our police officers will hand out fines in the thousands if you don't. 

The province reached another milestone on May 5: there are now more recovered cases than active cases of COVID-19. 

Recovered cases stand at 3,219 and active cases stand at 2,568 as of Wednesday morning, May 6.

So far, our labs have completed 167,015 COVID-19 tests. 

In fact, even Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that his province should model themselves after Alberta in terms of the testing.