Edmonton Musician Behind The Viral 'Speaking Moistly' Remix Says It's 'Such A Privilege'

But he did not speak moistly.
Creator Of 'Speaking Moistly' Remix Talks About His Experience Making A Viral Hit

What started as an innocent blunder by Trudeau during a press conference soon exploded into the hit new summer anthem. Then came all the covers and dance movements inspired by one simple phrase. We spoke with the creator of Speaking Moistly to understand why this song was created, and why it became such a triumph.

"The joy of seeing people enjoy it has really been the best part," said Edmonton-based musician Brock Tyler.

In Trudeau's press conference on Tuesday, April 7, the Prime Minister made a questionable word choice when talking about wearing masks.

"It protects others more than it protects you because it prevents you from breathing or speaking moistly on them," Trudeau said, before immediately cringing. "What a terrible image," he added.

Tyler was transfixed by the gaffe. "It was too good to pass up."

"I just decided to start messing around and see what could happen, and really just put it together pretty fast."

He worked on the masterpiece throughout the day and night, releasing the finished product just a day after the conference.

The term "speaking moistly" was trending, he said, and so he had to get it out quickly.

"I think it helped actually mean not to overthink the process, and just have fun with it."

While Tyler's previous albums and EPs have an acoustic, almost beachy vibe, "Speaking Moistly" is super bright and synthy.

"It's a fun break for me from my normal music, and it's a way to just be creative with a different outlet," he said.

When he put the video online, he wasn't expecting more than a few views. But the clicks soon climbed way beyond what he hoped for — it now sits at over two million views.

"Is this actually happening right now or is this some weird extended dream?" he said.

The popularity even spawned a bunch of covers and choreographed dance numbers, which Tyler fell in love with.

"It's been such a privilege to bring a bit of joy to people and to see people having fun," said Tyler.

"How do we have fun right now, in a way that still honours the reality of what we're facing and doesn't betray it?"

After everything, Tyler said he felt grateful to Trudeau for letting us have a laugh in the middle of what is a stressful time for many.

"It was so naturally funny and made funnier by how he immediately owned it, and gave us all permission to laugh a little bit," said Tyler.