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Edmonton's Scariest Haunted House Needs You To Find A Way To Save Humanity This Fall

This stuff is straight out of your nightmares!
Deadmonton House

The haunting season is nearly upon us! If you love horror movies, you have to check out the Deadmonton Haunted House in Edmonton this fall. Be prepared to get scared out of your mind ⁠— this haunted house goes all out to create a setting straight from your nightmares.

Deadmonton Haunted House is one of Edmonton's best Halloween attractions. This fall, they've readied a brand new, terrifying haunted house for you to explore. Are you willing to test your courage and see what's beyond the doors?

The story for 2019 is this: You enter a quarantine facility infected with a fatal virus. Within the compound, you'll find the chilling results of the evils locked within. It will be your job to find a way to save humanity before the infection spreads.

Make sure you're ready to scream (a lot) in the Deadmonton Haunted House! Each year, the organizers go all out with special effects and actors who try to scare you silly.

[rebelmouse-image 25946323 alt="Deadmonton Haunted House" photo_credit="Deadmonton Haunted House" expand=1 original_size="724x1086"]

What you'll find inside is so horrifying that many adults have run out to escape the haunted house every year. Deadmonton Haunted House is so proud of their successes at scaring people that they even have a sign to track those who chickened out each year.

This year, Deadmonton Haunted House starts on Sept. 27 and runs until Nov. 3, 2019. The haunted house will be open on Thursdays to Sundays and the entire week of Halloween.

If you want to go for maximum scariness, you can visit in November. For three days, Nov. 1-3, they will turn off the lights in the haunted house and challenge teams to escape first. Be warned ⁠— this isn't for the faint of heart!

Make sure to get your friends to join you this year at the Deadmonton Haunted House. Regular tickets are $28 a person.

Deadmonton Haunted House

Price: $28 per person

When: Sept. 27 to Nov. 3, 2019

Address: 7031 Gateway Blvd., Edmonton, Alberta

Why You Need To Go: You'll have so much fun visiting this super scary haunted house with your friends!

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