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You Can Dine Under The Stars In Edmonton This Spring For The Most Breathtaking Experience

Incredible food and once-in-a-lifetime views!
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It’s nearly over! That’s right, after what feels like an eternity, winter is finally coming to an end in the next couple of months. This means that you can actually be outside without freezing — unbelievable!  And to celebrate this glorious changing of the seasons, Dine Under The Stars is hosting a pretty special event.

Dine Under The Stars is exactly as advertised. It’s a can’t-miss opportunity to celebrate life, the outdoors, and unbelievable food with your loved ones while, you guessed it, gazing up at a gorgeous blanket of stars!


Plus, it really couldn’t be hosted at a better venue. With 500 metres of astonishing panoramic river views, the Edmonton Convention Centre is an amazing place with an elevated outdoor patio that will give you the perfect combination of nature and city sights. All of it can be enjoyed while indulging in exquisite cuisine under the irreplaceable night sky, warm and cozy in a beautiful Garden Dome.

Speaking of food, get ready to have your taste buds taken to heaven as they experience culinary delights unlike any other. The incomparable four-course meal is prepared by the 2012 National Chef of the Year Serge Belair who leads one of Canada’s premier kitchen teams. Hailing from Gatineau, Quebec, his French roots inspire his world-renowned cuisine. Chef Belair thrives on being creative and always pushing the limits; every dish is basically a unique piece of edible art! To top it all off, 60% of the food suppliers are local producers and community growers.


As for choices, this blind-tasting, four-course menu lets you decide between meat (gluten free), seafood or vegan. This is part of Dine Under The Stars’ mandate to give their chefs as much creative freedom as possible. They can showcase their skills, use the freshest seasonal ingredients, and make creative substitutions as inspiration strikes.

As you enjoy this one-of-a-kind food, you’ll make long-lasting memories with your loved ones in toasty Garden Dome with a great ambiance, surrounded by pretty lights, eye-catching seasonal décor, and spring’s blooming flowers.


And, surprisingly, that’s not all! If you arrive early or stay late, you’ll have the chance to sample some fabulous drinks at the cocktail lounge. This is a must, as either the start or end (or both!) to the ultimate night out under the stars.

Another great little tip? Get there before the sun goes down to get a picturesque view of the sunset. It’ll make for an Instagram picture that will definitely wow everyone.


You can reserve your spot for this incredible event by checking out Dine Under The Star’s website. This is the only way to get your tickets for your group of four to six guests, so book now because they're definitely going to sell out fast! Additional details can be found by visiting their Facebook page.

So now that winter is done and it’s time to celebrate, get off the couch and book your spot at a spectacular springtime experience. It’s the perfect mix of wonderful company and original cuisine in a stunning dome under the stars.


Spring Dinners Hosted by Dine Under The Stars

Price: $55, $110 w/o the code YEG50, plus $92 per guest + gratuity (4-6 guests).

When: April 15 to May 15, 2020 (5 p.m., 7 p.m. or 9 p.m.)

Address: The Terrace, Edmonton Convention Centre, 9797 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 1N9

Why You Need To Go: The ideal chance to savour unbelievable food under the stars.

To book your tickets for Dine Under The Stars this spring, visit their website. For more information, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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