A Canadian City Just Set The World Record For The Biggest Dog-Yoga Class Ever And It's Adorable (PHOTOS)

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A Canadian City Just Set The World Record For The Biggest Dog-Yoga Class Ever And It's Adorable (PHOTOS)
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The first ever ‘Dog City Festival’ was held in Edmonton this weekend, as doggy-lovers from around the city gathered to listen to music, enjoy local beers and foods, and to simply celebrate dogs! While they were at it, they also broke a world record. 

The event, which took place at the Whitemud Equine Learning Centre, also featured a number of activities that are not particularly common at human-only festivals. Things-to-do included dog and owner look-alike contests, pet massages, a best-dressed dog contest, and a flying disc dog show.

The one-day-only festival ran all day on Saturday, from 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM, and also featured some standard-festival aspects, such as a variety of live music and delicious food stands. These included food by Northern Chicken, Prairie Catering and Sandwich & Sons, and it’s pretty likely the dogs at the event managed to get a taste of all the goodies on offer!

If this was not cool enough already, festival attendees also managed to break an official world record for the largest-ever doga (dog-yoga) class! In a class led by Sit Stay Squat, more than 400 people and their pups laid out on the grass for some light-exercise, beating the previous Guinness World Record of just 270 ‘doga’ participants.

Rona Fraser, the festival producer, said they were ‘overwhelmed’ by the number of humans and dogs that gathered to crush the record.

She said, "It's the combination of just yoga being such a good, feel-good sport and doing it with your dog, something that you can include them in is just fun—and funny."

If you’re wondering how on earth it is possible to do yoga with hundreds of dogs running around, Fraser says it is simple. Speaking prior to the event, she said: “People will be doing a yoga flow and luring their dogs with treats over, under and around the poses.”

People who attended the event took to Twitter to share pictures of their pooches at the festival, and, naturally, they are pretty adorable!

Even better, all proceeds from the doggy-festival will go towards Wellspring Edmonton, which is a support centre for cancer patients and their families.

For anybody feeling upset that they have missed out on this paw-some event, don’t worry! Dog City Festival will return to Edmonton in 2020. Time for a doggy road trip, anyone?

Helena Hanson
Senior Editor
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