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An Adorable New Doughnut Shop Just Opened In Edmonton & The Flavours Are Everything

Doughnut Party's second location is finally here! 🍩
Doughnut Party Edmonton Opened Its Second Location & The Soft Launch Is On Right Now

If you weren’t hungry before reading this, you will be now. At Narcity we love all things trendy, yummy, and Instagram-worthy and Edmonton's new doughnut shop it literally all those things. Doughnut Party Edmonton has officially opened its second location and they literally have every flavour you can think of. Their soft opening for their new spot is going on right now so drop everything you’re doing. 

Edmonton’s food scene is expanding beyond comprehension. 

From delicious and deceptive vegan creations to some of the best cheap eats ever, our city has been putting a real emphasis on food and we can’t complain. 

The most recent place to open up is all about deep-fried circles topped with very sweet treat your an imagine. 

Doughnut Party specializes in gourmet doughnuts and believe us when we say they are legendary. 

According to their Instagram account, the company is soft launching their new shop in Ritchie starting today. 

This means that all weekend long, you can pick up a box (or 12) of their doughnuts. 

Today, the soft launch will be running from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you can't take it in these hours don’t panic. 

Doughnut Party will be selling their goods on Friday and Saturday during the same operating hours. 

Their Instagram account is like a hub for all things delicious and by the looks of it, no topping is off-limits. 

From caramel drizzle to massive chocolate bars, it’s a sweet tooth dream. 

They even top tons of their doughnuts with cereal including Lucky charms and Caption Crunch. 

It’s literally everything your parents said you couldn’t have growing up. 

They even do special holiday doughnuts for Christmas and Halloween. 

The doughnuts must be a hit because this is the company's second location

Why not start your weekend off on a good start and hit up the soft launch of the new location? You know you want to. 

Doughnut Party Soft Launch

Price: 💸

When: Thursday, January 30 to Saturday, February 1

Address: 9610 76 Ave., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: It's been a long week. Treat yourself. And maybe even the entire office. 

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