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What $1,000 A Month For Rent Will Get You Across Edmonton (PHOTOS)

How much bang can you get for your buck? 💰

No matter if you are looking for your first apartment or something more spacious than your tiny bachelor, we've got you covered. Luckily for us, our city is much more affordable to live in compared to cities like Toronto or Vancouver. You might be surprised by how many fantastic Edmonton apartments you can get right now for $1,000 a month.

A recent rental report by Rentals.ca says the forecasted average apartment will cost you $1,207 in 2020. But, you'll still find an impressive number of listing way below that price.

Naturally, prices rise in popular areas like the downtown core and near The University of Alberta. But if you are willing to travel a bit further, you might be able to upgrade to a two-bedroom for the same cost.

Ultimately you'll need to decide what is most important to you. Would you like a breathtaking view of the Alberta Legislature Building, a yard for your dog, or somewhere with parking for your car?

Who knows, maybe you'll even find somewhere cheaper than where you currently reside. That way, you could put your extra savings towards buying a house or treating yourself to an afternoon tea. 

To help you with your apartment search, we've created a list of apartments from a variety of neighbourhoods you can get for $1,000.

Queen Mary Park Apartment

Edmonton rentals

Price: $950

Address: 10715 112 St. NW., Edmonton, AB

Description: This pet-friendly apartment is conveniently located only a short distance from the downtown core. It also has heat and hot water included in the rent, and you can get a parking spot for just an extra $15 per month.

[image 5e2c69516226d21e294afa80]

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Garneau Bachelor

Edmonton rentals

Price: $935

Address: 11147 82 Ave. NW., Edmonton, AB

Description: This unit is perfect for students, as it is right next to the University of Alberta. While living here, you can skip doing the dishes since there's a dishwasher in the unit. Plus, the building has a super convenient fitness facility.

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Downtown One-Bedroom

Edmonton rentals

Price: $945

Address: 9730 106 St., Edmonton, AB

Description: It is worth moving here, just for the incredible view of the Alberta Legislature Building. It has a bright and airy design and has utilities included in the rent (heat, water and electricity).

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South East Two-Bedroom Apartment

Edmonton rentals

Price: $999

Address: 7108 79 Ave., Edmonton, AB

Description: If you hate the thought of living in a high rise building, this could be the perfect alternative. It is only a short walk from the Bonnie Doon Shopping Center, and some of the units come with a balcony and dishwasher.

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Belmont Two-Bedroom

Edmonton rentals

Price: $970

Address: 13660 38 St., Edmonton, AB

Description: This apartment has a good-sized kitchen with plenty of storage and counter space. It also has a nice size balcony which would be perfect for relaxing on with your friends once the warm weather arrives.

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Northwest Two-Bedroom

Edmonton rentals

Price: $919

Address: 16186-121 St., Edmonton, AB

Description: If you have a dog, this could be a great spot to live. The ground floor units come with a fenced yard, so your pooch can run around. While the interior comes with a cozy fireplace that you'll want to relax next to all winter long.

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Jasper Place One Bedroom

Edmonton rentals

Price: $960

Address: 10029 111 St., Edmonton, AB

Description: This apartment comes with a handy pantry to store all your kitchen stuff. For anyone who loves to cook or bake, you'll enjoy all the room to store your appliances like mixers and dry goods.

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