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Edmonton Bars Are Extending Their Hours For The World Cup

The province of Alberta has announced new rules for bars in favour of all the World Cup fans. The competition starts tomorrow, meaning fans will be able to gather at bars and enjoy a cold one as they watch early morning games of the championship. 

Basically, what this all means between June 13 and July 15 in Alberta you can enjoy a drink at any time of day. Not only will bars be allowed to participate, but restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages are also going to be welcome to pour drinks. 

You’ll be able to enjoy an early morning pint during the World Cup. Minister Joe Ceci has announced the province will be relaxing liquor serving hours during games (including the one at 4am!) #yyc #abpoli

June 12, 2018

Due to the tournament being located in Russia games times are starting very early in the morning for World Cup fans. Some games are starting at 6:00 AM but Australia and France will be battling it out on the field as early as 4:00 AM this Saturday. 

There is a whole culture around soccer, and enjoying a drink while watching the game is half the fun for some fans. It's not the first time regulations like this have been put in place. During Olympic hockey games similar rules allowed those who wanted a celebratory beer to enjoy it the Canadian way. 

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Alberta's Finance Minister Joe Ceci said the decision reflected the global interest in the tournament. Ceci said he will be cheering on Iceland and encourages other Albertans to take part in cheering on "one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world." 

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Let's be honest, if you have to wake up at 4:00 AM just to watch your favourite sports team, you deserve a drink! Just be sure to have some breakfast before pounding back a cold one. 

Source: 660 News

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