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This Canadian Cat Had Been Missing For Nine Years And He Finally Just Showed Up Again

If you have ever had a furry family member, you will know how special and loved they are, just like any other member of the family. For most of us, just the thought of our fluffy friends getting lost, or going missing, is an unimaginable horror. For one family in Edmonton, this nightmare became reality, when their beloved cat, Loki, disappeared nine years ago. By 2019, the family had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing  Loki again. 

However, last week, the family received a call. Nine long years after their cat had vanished from their home, a lady called to tell them she had found a cat, and the cat looked a lot like Loki...

It has been almost ten years since Loki the cat vanished from the home of his loving family in Edmonton. Laura Ahmet, and her two children, Kalob Ethier and Evie Ethier, struggled to cope when they lost their furry best friend. 

Ahmet told Global News, “It didn’t go well. We were all quite emotional.” She added, “He was our first fur-baby. He was my little lovebug and Kalob’s best friend. There was a lot of tears. Kalob in particular never stopped asking for him.”

Despite their best efforts at the time, the family were unable to locate Loki. However, there was always a glimmer of hope that Loki could be found one day, as he did have a microchip.

As time went on, and the children grew older,  the family adopted new pets into their family and carried on with their lives, although Ahmet says Loki was never far from their thoughts.

Now in 2019, nine years later, another cat wet missing in Edmonton. Bert the cat, owned by Liz Massiah, had gone missing on March 24, 2019 and had not been seen since. Massiah had done everything in her power to track down Bert, including putting up posters and utilising social media, but had no luck. Then, last week, somebody called Massiah saying they believed they had her cat.

When Massiah dashed over to retrieve her cat, she was heartbroken to find it wasn’t Bert that had been found. However, determined to make the best of the situation, she took the other lost cat to Animal Care and Control, to see if she could do some re-uniting anyway. As it turned out, the cat did have a chip, and it had been registered as missing for nine years.

Ahmet said when she received the call that Loki had been found, she jumped into the car straight away to go and pick him up. When the family arrived and saw their same Loki, albeit a little older and patchier, it was “pure shock.” Ahmet and her children all cried, and Evie described the moment as ‘one of the happiest of her life’.

Ahmet believes their story is proof that microchipping works. “To me, it’s a miracle. After nine years, for him to come home, all because of a microchip,” she said.

However, one of his rescuers, Liz Massiah continues to search for her own cat, Bert. Nonetheless, she has a new sense of hope after Loki’s success story.

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