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Edmonton Is About To Break Records With "Dangerously Cold" Temperatures Next Week

Tuesday, January 14 is going to be the absolute worst. 🥶
Edmonton Cold Snap Will Break Records With "Dangerously Cold" Temperatures Next Wee

It's certainly not a secret that Alberta gets hit hard with winter weather. From insane snowstorms and unfathomable driving conditions to some of the coldest temperatures you can imagine. Albertans have been through it year after year and the terrible winter conditions seem to like to focus on Edmonton. Tragically, Alberta's capital city is about to get rocked by an Edmonton cold snap that stands out from the rest. In fact, it might actually break records.

According to The Weather Network, most of Western Canada will be dominated by “dangerously cold, Arctic air” beginning this weekend and rolling into next week.

As for Alberta, it looks like folks in the Prairies are in the most trouble. Extreme low temperatures will begin rushing through Friday, January 10, and temperatures could drop as low as -30 C in northern Alberta by Saturday, January 11.

Come next week, we’re looking at lows around -40 C. Though Albertans will be freezing together in solidarity, Edmontonians are going to get especially bad treatment from Mother Nature.

The Weather Network explains that the capital might set a brand new record for cold temperatures next week. Turns out breaking records isn't always a good thing, after all.

The record-breaking day is predicted to be Tuesday, January 14, when temperatures might dip as low as -31 C. If that horrifying number becomes a reality, it will surpass the existing record of -28.3 C that was set in 2005.

As predicted by The Weather Network, the “dangerously cold” weather has started sweeping Northern Alberta. A number of extreme cold weather warnings have already been issued for the entire northern region of the province.

There are also some extreme cold warnings coming in for the east. The cold is closing in on Edmonton fast so you should probably go inside right now.

Though it’s going to be remarkably cold next week, there actually won’t be much snow. The Weather Network’s two-week forecast shows snow on Saturday, January 11 and Friday, January 17 but apart from that, it will be a mix of sun and clouds.

The temperature will begin at -19 C on Saturday and plummet to -30 C on Monday and its eventual -31 C on Tuesday. The rest of the week sits between -27 C and -29 C.

Are freezing temperatures in Edmonton out of the ordinary? No. Can we handle it? Also no.

Stay warm out there, Edmonton!

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