Edmonton Is Set To Be The Coldest Place On Earth Next Week & Break Records

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Edmonton Cold Weather Could Make It One Of The Coldest Places On Earth

If you think having frigid temperatures in Canada is a point of pride, you'll be bursting with that emotion next week. Edmonton cold weather could break records and be the coldest place on Earth. It will be positively ice cold in the Prairies as arctic air looms over the region.

It's already been pretty cold in the Prairies but it's set to get even colder next week. According to The Weather Network, "the deep freeze is courtesy of a cross-polar flow pulling in some of the chilliest air in the Northern Hemisphere into the region."

Edmonton, in particular, is feeling the brunt of the cold in the region.

The city could set a new record low on Tuesday as the temperature hits -33 C.

Even without the wind chill, that temperature would smash the old record of -28.3 C from 2005. The wind chill will bring it down to -42 C. 

That freezing weather could make Edmonton one of the coldest places on Earth on Tuesday.

Comparatively, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories is expected to be -37 C feeling like -46 C and Yakutsk, Russia is expected to reach -29 C with the wind chill making it feel like -33 C.

The two other northern regions are both known for being bitterly cold so if Edmonton is on par with them, that's saying something.

It's not exactly out of the ordinary to see freezing temperatures in Canada during the winter but that doesn't make dealing with it any easier.

When the wind chill is between -40 C and -47 C, there is a very high risk of getting frostbite and skin can freeze in just five to 10 minutes.

To not get frostbite, Environment Canada suggests dressing in warm layers, wearing an outer layer that's wind-resistant, covering all exposed skin, staying dry and keeping active.

With the wind chill reaching -42 C on Tuesday in Edmonton, it's important to stay warm.

Before the worst of the cold settles in, sporadic bursts of snow are expected across the Prairies this weekend because of two systems moving through the area.

Edmonton could see about five centimetres of snow from the systems through to the end of Sunday.

According to The Weather Network, a couple of systems next week will also bring light snow and strong winds could make for blowing snow and dangerously cold wind chills.

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