The global coronavirus epidemic is leading incoming residents flying in from China to Edmonton to go into voluntary quarantine for 14 days. This Edmonton coronavirus panic has got volunteers banding together to offer their wholehearted support to those going into self-quarantine. This volunteer group has labelled themselves Isolation 4 Love. 

Their Twitter page further explains their purpose as a "support group for people who come from China and are going into voluntary self-isolation to protect the broader community." 

Although Coronavirus is not an immediate concern for Alberta, as reported by CTV News, it is certainly not stopping residents in Edmonton from doing whatever they can to fend off any potential spread of the virus. 

Since early February, volunteers from Isolation 4 Love have been helping to ensure the self-imposed quarantiners are covered in terms of transport, travel, and housing. 

So far, at least 50 people have opted to go through the 14-day voluntary quarantine, according to CTV News. 

The federal government asked passengers from only the Hubei province to be cautious amid the outbreak but it seems like a lot of people coming in from China want to guarantee that they are not risking their communities in any way. 

Since early February, volunteers from Isolation 4 Love have been going to the Edmonton International airport to pick up passengers flying in from China, said CTV News

They are also delivering groceries and food outside their homes and trying to arrange accommodation for them.

They are primarily looking for basement units or low-cost empty housing for these quarantiners, as the process to go into quarantine can be very expensive for some individuals, volunteer Hong Ling told CTV News.

Anyone considering going into self-imposed isolation can reach out to the group on their Whatsapp or Twitter. 

Even Cobs Bread has gotten in on the action. A tweet posted by the group explains how volunteers drove through the snow to deliver free baked goodies from Cobs Bread to the quarantined individuals. 

So far, 7 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed across Canada, so there does seem to be growing panic among the civilians. 

According to CBC News, volunteers in Ontario are doing the same thing as Chinese Canadians are supporting their friends in self-imposed quarantine after returning from China. 

It seems that Edmonton is following suit and doing the best they can to make sure that the city is coronavirus-free for the foreseeable future.