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Edmonton Is The Best Place To Be A CFL Fan Because They Have Cheap Burgers

Edmonton is killing the game with its cheap burger and ticket prices.
Edmonton Is The Best Place To Be A CFL Fan Because They Have Cheap Burgers
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The CFL might not be as popular in Canada as the NFL is in the U.S. and football might not be the most popular sport in the country. But that doesn't mean some Canadian fans don't have great experiences with the CFL in their city. Edmonton is the best CFL city for fans and the food is cheap. 

It's good to be a CFL fan in Edmonton according to a study done by Gaming Club Casino. However, the important things that were looked at to get the rankings were things like the price of beer, burgers, and tickets and not the actual success of the team. 

The study also looked at the number of touchdowns, precipitation, and pollution.

Edmonton is at the top in almost all the categories and is middle of the pack when it comes to touchdowns, beer prices, and pollution. But the city is at its best when it comes to burger prices and second best in ticket prices. 

So while you may not see the most touchdowns when you go to a CFL game in Edmonton, at least the tickets and the burgers will be cheap. 

The worst place to be a CFL fan is Toronto. The city is ranked the lowest in almost every category except ticket prices. 

It's cheap to see an Argos game in Toronto but it's almost the most expensive in terms of beer and burger prices. So you might have to pre-game it and get a burger at McDonald's and buy your own six-pack to have at the tailgate. 

Edmonton has the cheapest burgers, Winnipeg has the cheapest beer, and Calgary has the most touchdowns. 

Hamilton is the most polluted, the B.C. Lions get the most precipitation in Vancouver, and Calgary has the most expensive ticket prices. 

But Edmonton isn't just the best city for fans of the CFL. There was a second ranking done that included NFL teams and Edmonton still topped the list as being the best place to be a fan. 

Good for them!

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