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Edmonton Liquor Stores Are Enforcing Mandatory ID Scans To Curb Theft

There was 9,600 liquor store thefts in 2019 alone.

Liquor store theft has been on the rise in Edmonton in the last year. In fact, there have been so many Edmonton liquor store thefts that police estimate that they respond to over 20 a day. In order to combat this, liquor stores are beginning to install ID scanning devices that can deny customers access.

Getting your ID scanned to enter a bar or club is nothing new. Though normally when you enter a liquor store all you have to do is present your identification to the cashier upon checkout.

According to Global News, Edmonton police officers responded to almost 9,600 liquor store theft calls last year alone. Officials say that they were responding to about 26 cases per day across the entire city of Edmonton. 

Due to this incredibly high number, liquor stores in the city may be following the lead of one store and testing out a new system. 

Alcanna Inc., owner of the Liquor Depot, Ace Liquor, Wine and Beyond, and Nova Cannabis brands, has installed an ID scanning machine at one of its liquor store locations in the northeast of Edmonton with plans to do so at their other locations, as well.

The PatronScan system requires all customers to scan their ID for entry. Once it is scanned, the door unlocks and the customer is allowed inside. 

Alcanna Inc. is the first retailer in Alberta to use this type of technology. 

The inventors of the scanner have told Global News that because of their invention, about 95% of violent incidents have been reduced by limiting access to the 1% of the population responsible for the crimes. 

According to the vice president of Alcanna, it’s not just theft that is the issue. 

Surveillance video has shown that employees are also being viciously and dangerously attacked during the robberies. 

By limiting who comes into the building, stores are then being proactive about keeping their employees safe.

The scanning machines take all types of government-issued ID including driver licenses, military cards, and passports. 

The machines are so intelligent that they can even tell the difference between a real and fake ID; making it even harder for underage drinkers to enter. 

Alcanna has stated that because of their new technology, other retailers have taken an interest in the potentially life-saving technology.