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McDavid Had Edmonton Fans Freaking Out With A Knee Injury Scare Last Night (VIDEO)

An injury scare and an epic goal all in one night!
Edmonton Oilers Had Fans Shook With McDavid Injury Scare & Epic Comeback (VIDEOS)

The Edmonton Oilers played a nail-biting game against the Nashville Predators on Saturday, February 8. During the game, Connor McDavid had fans on the edge of their seats for several reasons. First, his talent on the ice is actually mind-blowing and people just love to see it. Second, he had our hearts racing with a knee injury scare in the second period. Last night's Edmonton Oilers game was epic, frightening, and ultimately exciting as the Albertan team walked away with a 3-2 win. Not to worry, we've got footage of all the action for you to check out.

Connor McDavid suffered a serious knee injury back in 2019. The player recovered alarmingly fast and was back on the ice in record time.

Therefore, much of the public wasn't aware of how serious the injury was. He's now released a documentary about his recovery process and it's extremely emotional. 

Because of what he's gone through in the past with his knee, there are extra precautions and fear surrounding his physical safety now.

For example, in a recent game between the Oilers and the Flames, we saw McDavid uncharacteristically fly off the handle when Giordano of the Flames wasn't penalized for a move that some believe put McDavid's knee at risk.

The video of his outburst shows the severity of his concern for his knee.

So, with the understanding of what the hockey star has gone through in relation to his knee, we saw him slide into the boards, knee-first yesterday and put a pit in all of our stomachs.

The video below shows McDavid being looked at on the bench and then also shows him hitting the boards.

After fear for the worst overcame fans everywhere, we were relieved to see him hit the ice again, stronger than ever.

The Oilers tweeted "Bruised knee, "nothing serious" for McDavid, according to #Oilers bench boss Dave Tippett. The captain received ice treatment between periods & post-game as well."

According to the NHL website, coach Dave Tippett had asked McDavid how he was doing to which he responded “I’m fine. I’m playing,” and play he did. 

Before the athlete slid into the boards, bruising his knee, he scored the Oilers' first goal of the night when the Predators were up by two.

The epic goal got the ball rolling for what would be a win for the Oilers.

Really though, every goal McDavid scores is epic. "We're starting to run out of words to describe Connor McDavid's greatness," wrote one Twitter user after his performance the night before he bruised his knee.

We're delighted that McDavid's injury was no worse and we look forward to watching more legendary plays.

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