What do hockey players do when they can't get on the ice? One of the Edmonton Oilers' rising stars shared that he's doing puzzles to keep busy right now and he needs your help. Kailer Yamamoto, aka Yamo, asked fans to weigh in with their puzzle tips and tricks and he seems totally stumped.

Even hockey players are stuck inside right now and have been found to be doing all sorts of weird things, like walking around with dogs strapped to their chest and performing trick shots for the 'gram. 

Fans of the Edmonton Oilers got a unique glimpse into what their players are up to right now thanks to Yamo. This was 21-year-old Yamo's first season in the NHL when it was cut short because of the NHL suspension. 

"Hey Oilers fans, Yamo here, I hope you all are staying happy and health indoors right now," he said in a video posted to the official Edmonton Oilers Instagram account. 

He's been inside for quite some time now and he's started to do puzzles with his girlfriend and his brother at home.

They're working on a 2000 piece puzzle and by the looks of the video they are not far along.

"We're absolutely struggling at this right now," he said. "If any of you guys have tips or tricks to help us out, please send it our way because we need the help."

In the comments on the post, there are actually a few helpful tips from Instagram users.

"So the outside pieces first lol and then each of you work on a separate section," reads one comment.

Another says they should've started with a 1000 piece puzzle and worked their way up.

We think it's fun that instead of playing video games or watching movies, Yamo is going old school with puzzles. He just needs a tip or two. 

While Yamo works on a seemingly impossible puzzle, his captain Connor McDavid was dishing out workout tips.

Holding his big puppy Lenard, McDavid demonstrated some specially weighted squats on Instagram.

While the NHL season is suspended, hockey fans are missing their favourite game but learning a whole new side to their favourite players.

Whether you're an Oilers or Leafs fan, it's fun to see how everyone's staying busy while they're stuck at home.