We all know the struggle of managing shaggy hair when there are no open barbershops or hair salons to be found. But being so desperate that you go for a black market haircut is a whole new level. An Edmonton salon was shut down after officials caught them brazenly cutting hair against the rules. 

Alberta Health Services reported on Sunday, May 3 that P & V Hair and Beauty Salon in Edmonton was forced to close. It happened after they caught a man getting his hair done on Saturday, May 2.

This was illegal under orders of the provincial health officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw — only 15 people are allowed inside a building at one time, and businesses considered non-essential like hair salons are barred from operating.

Then, when the AHS officer tried to enter the shop, the report says the owner and client locked the doors and wouldn't let her in.

As punishment, the salon was forced to close immediately, and remain closed until the order is released.

While the report doesn't say if any fine was given, Edmonton officers are fully allowed to issue fines to people and businesses who break social distancing orders.

On Saturday, April 10, for example, Edmonton shut down and dinged a gym for $1,200 over breaking orders.

This wasn't the only salon shut down in Edmonton, either. On Wednesday, April 15, Sala Salon was also forced closed, according to AHS.

Their report of the incident said that there was "evidence that the business is providing personal services to the public."

Which is a shame, because Alberta's slowly lifting their restrictions and, had they waited, hair salons could be open for business as early as Thursday, May 14.

With that in mind, however, many salons aren't so thrilled to be taking customers again.

A petition was started Monday, May 4 to stop Alberta from reopening their hair salons in the first wave. They already collected over 500 signatures after just one day.

According to the petition, it's too dangerous for both the client and the barber to be open so soon.

"Hairstylists and Barbers are members of the Personal Service Industry, where social distancing is not possible," it read.

"It’s not safe enough for such an up close, intimate service."