It’s January In Edmonton Right Now (PHOTOS)

Monday morning felt like -17 C with the wind chill.
It’s January In Edmonton Right Now (PHOTOS)

Poor Edmonton. What started off as a pleasant and refreshing start to fall was quickly replaced by a treacherous blast of winter weather. The Edmonton storm that tracked through Alberta this weekend brought snow, bone-chilling cold and violent winds to the region. 

At just after 8 a.m. on Monday, October 28, the temperature is only -9 C, feeling like a frosty -17 C with the wind chill. The Weather Network says that the brief but intense cold weather pattern will bring even more snow to the Prairies. Saskatchewan and Manitoba will get the worst of it, though, with another 5 to 10 cm set to fall in parts of both provinces this week, The Weather Network reports.

Edmonton's seven-day forecast shows that it'll definitely warm up some over the next few days, but flurries are expected later this week. On October 25, the wind in Edmonton was so powerful that it sent scaffolding flying through the air and crashing into a building while workers held on for dear life. 

Photos of the snow in Edmonton this past weekend show just how wintery the weather has been in the city recently. As temperatures hover in the negatives, it's likely that the snow won't be melting for at least another couple of days.

Global News reports that road conditions made for a slippery and dangerous drive. Police received reports of a multi-vehicle pileup and several other collisions in the Edmonton area.

Driving in these conditions is definitely not ideal.

Thankfully, according to the Farmer's Almanac long-term winter weather report for Alberta, a warmer than normal Christmas is in the forecast for the province. The bulk of the snowfall is expected in mid-November, mid-December, early January, early February and from late March to early April. 

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