After a few months of enjoying that sweet summer freedom, we are now officially back to the harsh realities of adulthood, school, work, and whatever else you may have going on. The beginning of fall is beautiful, as it can feel like a much needed fresh start - a chance to stay ahead in school and not fall into the bad habit of procrastination, to join a new club or extracurricular activity, make new friends, or to get started on your summer bod for next year if you didn't quite get your sh*t together this year.

A few weeks into fall though, a lot of us find ourselves falling into a hole and feeling swamped with deadlines, obligations we thought we'd have more time for, and trying to get enough sleep, among a million other things. It's important to remember to take care of yourself during this time, despite whatever may be keeping you busy or dragging you down throughout the inevitable change of the seasons.

Self-care doesn't have to mean hiding from the world, making a cup of tea, putting on a face mask, and reading a book - but if that's your thing, all the power to you! Speaking from personal experience, nothing makes me feel more refreshed when I'm feeling down or overwhelmed than a day out with my closest friends. Whether we go out to grab a bite to eat, hit up a museum, or go dancing, I always find myself feeling so much more ready to take on the world afterward.

If you're looking for some fun things to do with your BFF this fall, we've drummed up a few that are not only unique but also super affordable! We know first hand how hard it can be to have fun on a budget, so we're making it that much easier for you. Check out our list, hit up your bestie, and figure out where your first autumn adventure will be:

Pizza Poutine from Hot Philly

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Midterm stress got you down? We both know that food is the best cure. Sometimes after a long day of studying, what you need to do is treat yourself to some greasy af comfort food. If pizza isn't your thing, no worries! That's just one of the five unique flavours you can get from Hot Philly - others include Buffalo Chicken and Steak & Mushroom. Prices range from $9 - $12, which is totally reasonable for such a large portion size!

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Get your game on at The Rec Room

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Wanna feel like a kid again? Then there's no place quite like The Rec Room! Play all your favourite arcade games with your best friends and treat yourself to some tasty eats and drinks - it's all the fun of your childhood with the added excitement of booze, of course. The Rec Room has two locations in Edmonton, and both spots almost always have some sort of fun live entertainment to check out!

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Catch a movie at the Metro Cinema

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Tired of binge-watching your favourite Netflix shows in bed? Switch it up and get out of the house with a night out at the Metro Cinema! Tickets are just $13 for adults or $10 for students (who doesn't love a student discount?!). Throw in some snacks, a drink, and your best friend and you're bound to have the perfect autumn evening.

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Play a round of Monster Mini Golf

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What better way to get settled into the spooky fall season than with a few rounds of Monster Mini Golf? Not only is it super affordable, at just $13 per person, per round, it's also a great photo op to light up your Instagram feed! Everything here glows in the dark and is Halloween themed, which is perfect for this time of year. If you're looking to save a little extra cash, be sure to keep an eye out for Groupons, as Monster Mini Golf often has them available.

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Bowling at Gateway Lanes

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Growing up, all my friends used to have bowling birthday parties. Now that I'm an adult, I genuinely can't recall the last time I went bowling, but I have to admit - it is a lot of fun! Get a group of your closest friends together and challenge yourselves to a few rounds of bowling! Prices vary by day at Gateway Lanes, but you'll never find yourself paying more than $8.50 for a round. Be sure to treat yourself to some food and drinks while you're there too!

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A vegan meal from The Moth Cafe

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Have you been contemplating going vegan? A meal at The Moth Cafe on Jasper Ave may just be all it takes to convince you! This picturesque little cafe serves up some of the most delicious and unique vegan meals we've heard of, including Chai Pancakes with Baked Cinnamon, Banana Blossom Shitake Miso Ramen, and Vegan Donuts - talk about a guilt-free treat! To make things even better, prices here are super affordable, so you can get in a delicious and healthy meal for under $35.

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All You Can Eat Sushi from Sushi Garden

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You had me at 'All You Can Eat', tbh. I know plenty of people who are OBSESSED with sushi, so if you fall under that category, this is right up your alley. Prices at Sushi Garden to vary by day and time, but you won't end up paying any more than $33.99 no matter when you go! Apart from being totally delicious, Sushi Garden also has some of the prettiest plates that we've laid eyes on - perfect for your Instagram feed.

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Brunch at Sugar Bowl

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Dubbed as "the sweetest spot in Edmonton", we can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't want to grab some food from Sugar Bowl! They've got an awesome lunch and dinner menu, but what we highly recommend checking out is their breakfast! Order the House Made Belgian Waffle, SugarBowl Benny, or the Huevos Rancheros for just $14, then throw in a Mimosa for $9! Sounds like the perfect Sunday morning to us.

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A night of dancing and tequila at El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar

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A night out with your best friend already sounds like a great time, but once you throw in some tequila and dancing, you know it's going to be a night to remember! If tequila is your poison of choice, El Cortez should definitely be on your radar - they've easily got one of the best selections in Edmonton. If you're looking for more than just live music and drinks though, they've also got some super tasty food for you to treat yourselves to!

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Visit TELUS World of Science

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Let's admit it - we all miss those middle school days of sitting in science class, doing experiments and singing along to the Bill Nye theme song. Now that we're all adults, we don't get to enjoy those things anymore. Luckily, places like the TELUS World of Science exist for our pleasure! There's always something new and exciting happening here, with the ever-changing exhibits and frequent adult only nights - you won't need to look too hard for an excuse to come back often.

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Grab a sweet treat from Duchess Bake Shop

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When the winter blues start to settle in, a fresh macaron from Duchess Bake Shop is just what you need to boost your mood and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Not only are their treats super tasty and totally Instagram worthy, but the cafe itself is super cute and will make you feel like you're spending a day at a cozy cafe in Paris. Everything is totally reasonably here as well, so you can treat yourself big time for much less than $35!

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Laugh your a*s off at The Comedy Factory

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Sometimes, you need a good laugh! Who better to provide you with that then a comedian? Whether you're laughing because the jokes are just that good, or because the routine is unbearably awful, you'll definitely have a night to remember. The Comedy Factory has frequent performances throughout the week, and although prices vary by day, you'll likely end up paying no more than $20 to see a show!

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With all these awesome options to check out, we're absolutely positive that you're bound to have an awesome autumn. Try not to let yourself drown in deadlines and quickly approaching winter snowstorms, and let your social life suffer as a result - remember, balance is key in all aspects of your life! Try to plan a date with a friend once a week, or once a month if that's more realistic for you, and check out all the exciting things that Edmonton has to offer you and your best friend this fall!