November is officially here and mother nature is wasting no time getting winter started in Alberta. Overnight, Edmontonians have been the lucky recipients of a big dump of snow and anyone who's been brave enough to hop in their cars this morning is likely regretting their decision. According to the online uproar, Edmonton traffic is a total nightmare today. So much so that the hashtag #yegtraffic is trending on Twitter. Edmonton drivers are sharing their road-related turmoil online and it is both funny and tragic.

According to The Weather Network, today’s forecast shows flurries in the morning and a “long period of snowfall” which threatens about 20 centimetres of snow. The forecast is ringing true as distraught Edmonton drivers try to get to where they need to be in the midst of traffic mayhem. Some locals are expressing complete rage on Twitter, others are using humour to help them get through these trying times.

If you're interested in both laughing and crying along with your fellow Canadians about a situation that is all too relatable, you're in luck. We've compiled some of today's best tweets about the outrageous traffic in Edmonton and we think they might cheer you up - in relatability, at the very least.

Time to Get Right Out of Here

This Edmontontian is wasting no time beating around the bush. Time to start a new life.

Edmonton Drivers Sticking the Landing Every Time

We all slip and fall sometimes, it's just a little more common for drivers on Edmonton roads today.

A Little Photo Evidence

Here's a little peek of an Edmonton residential neighbourhood backed up and snowy as can be.

Bambie Has Never Been More Relatable

When cars are out there looking like little Bambie, it might be a good day to stay home.

Teleportation Would Be Ideal

Finally, a practical solution to avoiding traffic during the winter months.

Sweet, Sweet, Well-Wishes

We really do need the odds in our favours on this fateful day.

It's Almost Like Another Planet Out There

If you don't find Starwars relatable, perhaps today will change your mind.

Sorry, We Forgot

It's okay not to remember, but maybe stay off the freeway while you try to jog your memory.

Some Sage Advice to Live By

If you're not driving like you're taking Granny to church, you're doing it wrong.

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