Edmonton Weather Will Plummet To -45 Today & You Can Get Frostbite Within Minutes

The city is under an extreme weather warning.
Edmonton Weather Will Plummet To -45 Today & You Can Get Frostbite Within Minutes

Another week, another weather alert. Environment Canada issued a cold weather warning for Edmonton early in the morning on February 18, predicting wind chill temperatures to dip as low as -45 C. This Edmonton weather can cause frostbite within seconds, and people have been advised to cover up to protect themselves from severe wind chill. Today might be a good day to stay inside.

Just last week, Edmonton received a massive snowstorm that led to over 500 crashes on the city's roads in just over 48 hours, so it's safe to say that the month of February has got Edmonton living up to its cold reputation.

The Weather Network has listed a series of symptoms that locals could be plagued with because of this ridiculous wind chill. These cold-related ailments include shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle pain, weakness, and numbness. 

We are not trying to scare you into staying home, but it's definitely time to bundle up like there is no tomorrow, if you do choose to go outside. 

Environment Canada has included the nearby towns of St. Albert and Sherwood Park alongside Edmonton as part of their extreme cold weather warning

They've also stressed that outdoor workers should take regular breaks to keep warm. Also noted is the fact that pets shouldn't be outside if it's too cold for humans to be outside.

Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as the cold temperatures are expected to improve by the afternoon, said the weather warning.

In light of the extreme cold spread and snow dump that occurred over the weekend, outdoor Family Day events at the City Hall were cancelled yesterday, which included ice-skating, roasting marshmallows, and food trucks, according to CTV News

Edmonton Transit has issued an alert as well today, urging all commuters to dress for the weather.

They said that all bus routes except the express services have been told to wait for passengers at all stops on their routes. 

Edmonton Journal, thankfully, reports that the temperatures are going to pick up by the end of the week, with Friday set to see 5 C making for a positively pleasant weekend by Edmonton's standards.

It's time Edmonton looked forward to spring. It's been a rough winter, as January weather trapped us in an extended -45 cold stint, breaking temperature records left and right

Luckily this cold snap should only last for a day.

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