This Bakery In Edmonton Sells Delicious Doughnuts As Big As Your Head

Doughnut pass it up. 🍩
Edmonton's Doughnut Party Is The Ultimate Hidden Gem Doughnut Shop

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who love doughnuts and people who are wrong. Alberta has been hiding a doughnut secret from the rest of Canada because Edmonton's Doughnut Party is amazing. This adorable shop has a cult following in the city and it's not hard to see why.  

Started up by two Edmonton entrepreneurs, Doughnut Party has been making the most outrageous, eye-catching and delicious deep-fried treats in the city. Locals in Edmonton are obsessed and it's so good that no one can keep it a secret.

The ever-changing menu means that you can try a new seasonal flavour basically every time. Expect pastel-hued glazed treats in the spring, Halloween-candy topped doughnuts in the fall and even Sugar Plum Faerie doughnuts at Christmas.

Whether you're looking for a classic flavour like maple dip or you're looking to be totally blown away by one of their colourful new creations, this place will not disappoint. People drive from all over Alberta just to sample the sweet stuff and it's always worth the trip. Plus, you better come hungry because these doughnuts will literally dwarf any other that stands next to them. They're massive.

There's actually stiff competition for the best doughnuts in Edmonton with over a dozen other places in the city to easily get doughnuts. It's Doughnut Party that really takes the cake though because of their colourful treats, Instagram-worthy aesthetic and deliciousness.

Canadians have an affinity with doughnuts, especially if you consider our long and complicated history with Tim Hortons. The brand has been falling out of popularity with Canadians recently. Plus, if you had to choose between a stale honey cruller and one of Doughnut Party's fried delights, isn't the choice clear? Canadians have been breaking up with Tim Hortons lately and that could be clearing the way for more amazing homegrown doughnut shops.

Even if you can't finish an entire doughnut on your own, and by the way, we'd be happy to help you, this place is worth checking out because you can snap a pic of your massive doughnut in front of the pink neon Doughnut Party sign. 

Doughnut Party has over 26,000 followers on Instagram and their popularity is totally warranted. The next time you're looking to treat yourself in Edmonton, this is definitely where you want to be. Put this place on your Edmonton bucket list!

Doughnut Party

Price: 💸

Address: 10938-119 St., Edmonton AB

Why You Need To Go: Stuff your face with a massive and outrageous doughnut at this trendy and popular spot.

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