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Edmonton's Fire Ban Has Been Lifted, Here's What It Means For Your Upcoming Weekend Plans

The majority of Alberta has been a rainy, gloomy place for the past few days, and while it sucks to be stuck inside during the summer, there's definitely some good news to come from all of this rain as well!

Because of the cold, damp weather that's been plaguing the province, the Edmonton fire ban has been lifted as of Thursday, May 31st. The Edmonton fire rescue services have released a statement saying,

"Edmontonians are now able to use open burning permits, fireworks, backyard fire pits, cooking stoves, and BBQs that use fuel such as wood and briquettes, provided they are used with caution."

In making the decision to lift the ban, Edmonton fire rescue services consulted the fire weather index, which considers many variables, including temperature, wind conditions, humidity, and precipitation levels, and is monitored daily.

Fire rescue services wants to remind all Edmontonians that although the ban has been lifted, all backyard fire pits are required to meet specific standards that have been outlined by the community standards bylaw.

Via The Weather Netowrk

Although it calls for rain on Friday, there's still plenty of opportunities on Saturday and Sunday, as well as throughout the upcoming week to plan a fire with friends or cook a BBQ for dinner! 

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday call for warm temperatures and sun, without an unbearable amount of heat, so those are likely your best bets to get outside and take advantage of the lift on the fire ban. With just how crazy weather in Alberta can get, who knows how long it will last?

Source: Edmonton Sun

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