Real ice cream lovers know that any time of year is perfect for frozen desserts. If you are looking for the ultimate spot to treat yourself, we found just the place. You can order one of Edmonton's giant brownie sundaes at a steakhouse and they are truly much larger than your head.

The city has no shortage of over the top foods that you'll want to devour. From supersized donuts to punch bowls with over five pounds of poutine, these meals are all about going big or going home.

Braven is a steakhouse, best known for sizzling up some of the best beef in Alberta. But, their dessert options shouldn't be overlooked.

One of their signature sweets is the Black Forest Eton Mess Sundae. It is so colossal that you'll want to bring some friends to help you eat it.

The towering bowl is loaded with melt-in your mouth creamy ice cream. Then layered on top, there are boozy cherries and huge chunks of brownies.

Then to make it look extra pretty, there are and towering pieces of meringue.

Every bite is pure bliss. It is the perfect blend of light meringue, decedent chocolate bites, and cherries which provide a burst of fruity flavour.

If you love black forest cake, without question, you'll want to try this delicious sundae. 

The restaurant recommends that you have at least two people to try to eat it. But unless you are starving, you might want to split this item amongst several of your friends.

If you are searching for a cute date idea, why not grab two spoons and split it?

The interior of the restaurant is gorgeous, with chandeliers everywhere and cozy booth seats. It would make a romantic date spot to spend an evening with your special someone.

The Black Forest Eton Mess Sundae is $21. If you split it with a friend or treat a date to it, it's actually pretty affordable especially when you consider the sheer volume of food you get.

Black Forest Eton Mess Sundae at Braven

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Steakhouse

Address: JW Marriott Edmonton ICE District, 10344102 St. NW., Edmonton, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can treat yourself to a mountain of ice cream, cherries, brownies, and meringue.

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