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Edmonton's LRT Extensions Have Just Been Given An Opening Date

There are plenty of mixed emotions.
Edmonton's LRT Extensions Have Just Been Given An Opening Date

As of Wednesday, May 23rd, the Edmonton City Council has voted that it will begin the expropriation process against nine landowners who are along the Valley Line LRT extension.

These landowners will have between 120 to 180 days to negotiate fair compensation after the city files its notice official notice of expropriation. These landowners are entitled to having their legal fees paid by the city of Edmonton, and are more than welcome to appeal to a provincial Land Compensation Board.

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The land being taken from the land owners is home to dozens of businesses, and many of the land and business owners are becoming frustrated with the process, saying that committee officials were "refusing to reveal what and how much property was needed while concept plans were being finalized."

Despite the unrest though, funding has been promised for the project, and if everything goes exactly as planned, Edmontonians can hope to see the LRT extension open by 2024. 

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Many of the businesses and homes along the planned expansion will have to be torn down, which has been hard for many Edmontonians to deal with. The thought of losing something so pertinent to their lives seems impossible, but they're being forced to deal with it. 

Coun. Scott McKeen summed it up perfectly by saying,

"For people whose residences or livelihood are tied up in this, it's a tremendous shock to their lives. But I don't know how you build an LRT line through an existing city without causing some of those issues."

There's definitely some mixed emotions, but it's safe to say that having a more expansive LRT system will be great for the city of Edmonton and all of it's residents!

Source: Edmonton Sun

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