Edmonton’s Mayor Just Did Hip Hop On TikTok Because 2020 Is Weird (VIDEO)

Why wouldn't that be a thing?
Edmonton's Mayor Just Did Hip Hop On TikTok Because 2020 Is Weird

I think we can all agree that 2020 is a total writeoff. It's natural to go a bit stir-crazy when you've been instructed to stay home as much as possible. It seems that even our local leaders are getting bored indoors and taking on dance challenges to pass the time. We're talking about Edmonton mayor's, Don Iveson, who was spotted doing a hip-hop dance on TikTok with his family. 

The TikTok video emerged on Tuesday, April 28 on Iveson's wife's account.

Sarah Chan, Iveson's wife, started up her TikTok account only a week ago but her husband already looks so keen to join in on her at-home dance parties. 

The video is captioned, "That time Ray gave us TikTok homework," and then she goes to tag an account named "koredancestudio."

In the video, you can see Iveson, Chan, and their son rocking out to a popular bop by DaBaby.

In the beginning, Chan and Iveson are just posing and staring at the camera intensely, while their son is dancing animatedly at the front. 

A few seconds in, Iveson unzips his grey hoodie slightly and pulls the hood over his head.  

The bass drops and Chan moves her son out of the camera's view. The pair begin dancing.


That time Ray gave us TikTok homework @koredancestudio

♬ original sound - misssarahchan

You only have to see a couple of seconds to understand how wild the mayor's moves get. 

While we can say Chan for sure has rehearsed those moves and gotten the dance down to a tee, Iveson is a little less smooth with the synchronization.

He does his best to keep up with wife's dance moves and he does succeed, more or less. 

And more importantly, he's totally into it.

By the time the challenge is completed, their son reappears in the video and another child has stuck their hand out in front of the camera. 

It's great to see the mayor blow off some steam via family dance challenges. 

Like most leaders, Iveson has been busy making changes in Edmonton in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, the city has dealt with social distancing offenders, lockdown protests, and a local state of emergency. 

According to Don Iverson's biography, he has been the mayor of Edmonton since 2013. He has two kids with wife Sarah Chan. 

Chan, meanwhile, describes herself as "Musician, Teacher, Social Advocate, Mother of 2!" on her official TikTok bio. 

Iveson is leading his city through a public health crisis and brushing up on his hip-hop. Not bad, mister mayor. Not bad.