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Edmonton Is Shutting Places Down Again Thanks To People Who Ignored Rules

They don't want anyone breaking the rules again this weekend.

Alberta officially began relaunching on Thursday, May 14. But since some people are not following the rules, Edmonton’s relaunch strategy has taken a few steps back. Now, some places are actually closing back down.

On Wednesday, May 13, Premier Jason Kenney announced that the province of Alberta would begin relaunching

The relaunch allowed some non-essential businesses including hair salons and bars to begin reopening. 

Shortly after the scheduled re-opening, Edmonton threatened to shut back down after issuing over 100 warnings in one weekend. 

As of now, there can't be any gatherings over 50 people in any outdoor setting. In addition to this, physical distancing measures still need to be followed at all times. 

Since locals are apparently continuing to break the rules, the City of Edmonton has announced that certain things will be re-closing. 

In a press release, the City announced that they would temporarily be closing four skate park and basketball court locations this weekend. 

“Since reopening skateparks and basketball courts, issues around following physical distancing and mass gathering rules have been observed,” wrote the City. 

These locations include the Blue Quill and Florence Hallock basketball courts and Castledowns and McKernan skateparks.

These spots will be closed from Saturday, May 30 to the evening of Sunday, May 31. 

The city made this decision after receiving numerous complaints from the public that violations were taking place in these areas. 

“A reminder that if you visit a skatepark and it looks busy, return another time,” says the city.

“Individuals should only be playing a game of basketball, volleyball or any close contact sport with members of your household or cohort family. A pickup game between friends is not currently allowed.”

While skate parks and basketball courts will be temporarily closed, the city is reintroducing e-scooters as of Monday, June 1. 

The City of Calgary already introduced this form of public transportation, however, it was met with criticism from many locals. 

In addition to all of this, the city has renewed its local state of emergency for another seven days. 

This state of emergency, which was originally declared on Friday, March 20, allows the city to continue to have the ability to manage city services within public health requirements during the relaunch. 

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