Edmonton Library Responds To Public Backlash After New Building Renovations

The "warship" design is getting slammed on social media.
Edmonton Library Responds To Public Backlash After New Building Renovations

A prominent Edmonton library has been taking some heat online since undergoing renovations. The library was getting old and in need of upgrades, but locals are upset about its new appearance. The Edmonton Stanley A. Milner Library has responded to the backlash following the new renovations. 

CEO Pilar Martinez spoken up and defended the remodelling, asking locals not to "judge a book by its cover", according to the Edmonton Journal.

“We’re surprised and of course disappointed with the outcry. I think it’s a little bit underserved in that the photo isn’t ideal, it’s a construction site and it’s not alive at the building. We’re not open, there are no lights,” Marinez told the Edmonton Journal.

The library has been closed since 2016 for renovations, with an initial budget of $62.5 million. The final project budget came up to $84.5 million, due to the costs of bringing the existing building up to safety standards, removing asbestos and fixing other structural problems.  

The remodeled Edmonton library is expected to include a bigger children’s library area, an interactive simulation wall for multimedia presentations, a silver modern exterior, and much more.

Since Monday, locals have been expressing their opinions on social media about the library’s exterior. Some have compared it with the Central library in Calgary, calling it the “ugly” one in comparison.

Twitter has flooded with Edmontonians expressing their negative opinions about the building’s current appearance, which seems different from the original design.

The comparisons got intense, with references to Star Wars and the library’s own past looks.

The library managed to tweet a sad response to all of the hate, but luckily there are still some library loyals around.

The Stanley A. Milner Library is set to open in Feb 14, 2020 with celebrations planned until March 13, 2020.