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Free, $5, Or $10 Things To Do This October In Edmonton

Broke n' boujee? We got you!
Free, $5, Or $10 Things To Do This October In Edmonton

If you're anything like me, now that you're back to school, your bank account is definitely feeling the burn. Long gone are the summer days of busting your butt at your full time job and making mad bank to spend without thinking twice about it on things like patio drinks with friends, new clothes, and anything else extravagent you feel like treating yourself to.

Now it's likely that your hard earned money goes towards textbooks, school supplies, parking, and all the other annoying costs that come along with being a university student, or just an adult in general. Even if you had extra money to spend, it's likely that you're so tired from all your classes, studying, and work that you wouldn't have the energy to go out with your friends anyways.

If you need the inspiration to get out of bed and have some fun this October, I'm here to remind you that it's now officially fall, meaning the snow is lurking right around the corner, and it will soon be WAY too cold to spend time doing your favourite outdoor activities. We all know first hand just how bitter and cold it can get here in Edmonton. Needless to say, your fall days are dwindling down - take advantage of them before they disappear!

I know first hand how difficult it can be to have fun on a budget. In order to save you the work of looking, I've compiled a list of super fun things you can do in and around Edmonton that won't cost you any more than $10. Some of them are even free!

How many of these fun fall activities can you cross off your bucket list this year?

Tour the Alberta Legislature Building

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For absolutely NO cost, you can take a tour of the beauty that is the Alberta Legislature Building. Even if you're not big into politics or government, there's no denying that the architecture of this building is beyond stunning, and it's even better in the fall when all the leaves are changing colour. Who knows, you may just learn something new and interesting during your visit!

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Take a trip to Elk Island National Park

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Apart from gas money, which wouldn't be any more than $10 each between friends, a day trip out to Elk Island National Park is totally free. Plan a picnic lunch with friends, bring along your hiking boots to do some trailblazing, or work on your photography skills with all the beautiful scenery around. There's no shortage of things to do in Elk Island!

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Take a ride on the High Level Bridge Streetcar

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For a mere $5, you can take a ride on the High Level Bridge Streetcar from Old Strathcona to Downtown Edmonton, round trip. If you want to take in a great view of the city, but don't want to drive yourself or walk through the cold, this is your best option. If you can happen to hop on while the sun is setting, you'll have an even more incredible view than usual, so be sure to snap some pictures.

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Take some photos of the Neon Sign Museum

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If we're being totally honest, the best kind of museums are the free ones. Not only does the Neon Sign Museum meet that criteria, but it's also totally outdoors, so it's not like your average museum at all. The best time to snap photos of the neons signs is at dusk when they're all lit up, but admittedly, it looks pretty cool at any time of day.

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Go people watching on Whyte Ave

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Every Edmontonian knows that Whyte Ave almost always has something going on, making it a great place to go people watching. If you're trying to save money, one of the best ways to get free entertainment is to walk down a busy street or hang out in a popular cafe and observe the people around you. Odds are good you'll have a laugh or two, or pick up some insightful knowledge!

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Catch a film at the Princess Theatre

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A night out of the movies can get pretty pricey if you're not careful, but luckily the Princess Theatre has $8 student pricing and $11 tickets for the general public. They may not be showing the same kinda movies you'd catch at the Cineplex or Landmark Cinemas, but they do show some super unique and interesting alternative and indie films that you won't soon forget.

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Check out All Access Evenings at the AGA

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If you've been wanting to visit the Art Gallery of Alberta, but money is an issue, have no fear! Every Tuesday and Wednesday the AGA hosts All Access Evenings from 5 - 8 p.m., meaning that during those times, admission is totally free! There's always something new and exciting to check out at the AGA, so come back monthly for frequent entertainment.

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Play a few rounds at the Hexagon Board Game Cafe

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For just $2.50 each an hour, you and your friends can challenge yourselves to some friendly competition at the Hexagon Board Game Cafe. They've got hundreds of games to choose from, including your classic favourites, and brand new games that you've never heard of. See who wins the most rounds, and loser buys coffee?

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Take a walk along the River Valley Trails

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Fresh air is easily one of the most refreshing things out there - and it doesn't cost a dime! Take your pup or your friends out for a walk along the River Valley Trails! These trails are a great way to get an amazing view of the city and the beautiful fall scenery, as well as get in shape. Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't stop shaping up your #SummerBod for next year.

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Browse around the Old Strathcona Farmer's Market

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We can't promise that you won't spend over $10 here, but we can promise that you will have a really good time. The Old Strathcona Farmer's Market is Edmonton's largest year-round indoor farmer's market, meaning you can load up on local handmade goods, even when the snow starts falling. Apart from just browsing, the Farmer's Market is also a really great spot to network with Edmonton business owners and meet some really cool people!

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Admire the Street Art on 124 Street

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If public art is your thing, Edmonton is definitely a great spot for you to be. Although there's plenty of art throughout the city for you to admire, there's a mass collection spread throughout 124 Street if you only have a bit of time to check it out! Snap photos of the giant, gorgeous street murals, or wander in and out of the galleries and shops you find along the street.

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Have a picnic in Churchill Square

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Want a side of people watching with your picnic? Head to Churchill Square and spread out a blanket! The Square is also currently home to the Happy Wall art installation as well, which makes a super unique photo opportunity as well. While you're in the square, you can also try your hand at a game of giant chess!

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Explore Mactaggart Sanctuary

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Few places in Edmonton are as beautiful as Mactaggart Sanctuary, so if you're fortunate enough to be able to explore it, you should definitely take advantage. This stunning park looks like something straight out of a fairytale and is a great spot to have a fall photo shoot with your friends to spice up your Instagram feed.

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Go ghost hunting at one of Edmonton's many haunted spots

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If you're in the fall spirit and feeling up for some ghost hunting, Edmonton just so happens to be home to some pretty cool haunted spots. Explore the abandoned Charles Camsell Hospital, where reports of flickering lights and screams at night have attracted many. Alternatively, you could visit The Fairmont Macdonald Hotel, which is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a horse who dropped dead decades ago.

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Go stargazing at the U of A Observatory

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On Thursday nights, stargazing at the U of A Observatory is totally free! If you and your friends want to try something new, or you're after a super unique place to take a date, this is definitely it, no questions asked. See how many constellations you can name, or get an up close and personal look at the planets during your visit - you won't regret it!

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No matter what you choose to do this October, we hope you have a good one! There's so much to look forwards to, including Thanksgiving and Halloween. Be sure to spend time with your friends and family, do some adventuring, and take plenty of photos for your memories!

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