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This Edmonton Restaurant Will Make You Feel Like You're In Europe

Located in Edmonton's Queen Mary Park neighborhood, lies a new restaurant—Café Linnea, that is sure to become a local gem. It's also a spot to take your friends/family visiting this city, so you can show them how cool we can be (like, "look at how cultured and chic we are ?")!

When you step inside this beautiful eatery, you will be transported to Europe. The only question is, are you in one of the stylishly-modern Scandinavian countries? Or experiencing the charming, romantic allure of France? The answer is both. Chef and Owner, Kelsey Johnson is fusing both parts of her heritage, to produce a culinary adventure like no other.

Serving all-day brunch, with a Sunday high-tea option—this stunning restaurant does not whip up your basic eggs benny. They go much further, expanding the borders of what makes a great brunch meal. With creative menu options that include a House Sausage—with pickled mustard greens and green apples, adding a perfect level of acidity to the pork sausage…you will not be disappointed with your experience here!

Interestingly enough, this eatery has a no-tip rule. They are paying their staff high enough wages, so they don't need to depend on them. And considering the service is excellent, it seems like their policy has worked out well for them.

For dessert, the Roasted Nectarine Crepe (with bourbon vanilla semifreddo and caramel) will make you feel like you need to drop all your plans for the rest of the day, head home, and write love poems in tribute to this dish.

The ambiance of the restaurant is on a whole other level. The sleekly modern design is complemented by the splashes of greenery/plants throughout the space. It's truly the perfect spot to Instagram! And it's a good thing that this place is not just a feast for the eyes—because the food is unreal (i.e. a feast for your palate as well).

With that being said, I highly suggest you pay a visit to Café Linnea. You will be happy you did.

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