Christmas has come early for hockey fans. And yes, it does include the Great One. Hockey legends Wayne Gretzky and Alex Ovechkin are going to be joining forces to play an epic game of NHL 20 on Wednesday, April 22. If that's not already amazing enough, the proceeds from this live match will be going to COVID-19 relief efforts. 

So whether you're a diehard hockey fan or just a casual watcher of the sport, there will be something in it for you. Fans will be able to tune in anytime and donate funds if they are able. 

The game will take place in a best-of-three rounds structure and will be broadcast live on The Washington Capitals' Twitch channel at 8:00 p.m. EST, according to the NHL's blog post. 

The event's donations will go to two organizations: Washington's "Feeding the Frontlines" fund, and The Edmonton Food Bank

Gretzky is basically a god in some parts of our country, so the fact that he is going to be back on the ice (virtually) could bring a lot of hope to us hockey fans who've been absolutely been itching for hockey to come back. 

The situation is what it is and that doesn't mean we can't get pumped for these two icons to go head-to-head for a one-off game. We have to get our hockey fix somehow. 

Gretzky, who's literally been hailed as the greatest hockey player ever, has been loved by Canadians for as long as we can remember.

He was one of the most prolific players for the Oilers, so we can absolutely understand the call to support the Edmonton Food Bank. 

Ovechkin, meanwhile, is quite the hot topic himself. The captain of the Washington Capitals has the record for the eighth all-time goals in NHL history. Not to mention countless trophies and awards. 

If you really can't wait to see the two of them in action, they will also be sitting down for a first-ever joint interview on Monday, April 20 at NHL's next episode of Hockey At Home.

This has obviously been a hard time for hockey fans, much like everyone else. So it's such a gift for these legends to take the time to entertain us while social distancing.

We can only imagine how competitive things could get at the NHL 20 battle. 

As a whole, sports stars are keeping us entertained as the country goes through this crisis. 

From giving back to the community to playing with their furry friends at home, they're not disappearing just because the hockey season has been put on hold.