It’s time to prepare yourself for some incredibly wholesome content. A woman in Alberta is teaching Instagram how to make bread and it’s the cutest thing ever. Her tutorial is incredibly easy to follow so don’t worry if you have limited baking experience. 

Nothing feels quite as fulfilling as starting a new hobby and absolutely mastering it. We don't know if you've noticed, but everyone's been baking bread lately and it's time for you to jump on the bandwagon. 

If you’re looking for a nice relaxing activity, then look no further. Laura Rogerson is showing off her incredible baking skills and she's making sure everyone can join in on the fun. 

In an adorable video posted on her Instagram, the Albertan gives you the ins and outs of making an iconic loaf for you and anyone lucky enough to share. 

Rogerson made her first loaf of bread about 50 years ago and she hasn’t stopped since. 

This master chef was able to hone her skills when she worked at a fishing lodge and had to make bread for the guests and employees very day. 

Thankfully for us, Rogerson is a great teacher and released an adorable tutorial for all of her followers. 

In the seven-minute-long video posted on IGTV, Rogerson explains that this is an easy recipe to follow. 

“It’s not my most perfect loaf but it shows you that this is real life and this is a loaf of bread,” says Rogerson while pointing to her example loaf. 

We know, we are in love with her too. 

Step by step, the iconic woman teaches her audience exactly what to do with enough detail that allows even the worst bakers to follow along. 

She even acknowledges that some people may not have the exact ingredients that she has, but don’t worry “no one will notice.”

She really is like the Bob Ross of baking. 

The recipe isn’t anything the baker designed herself. Instead, it is the same recipe that is on the back of the Fleischmann's yeast packet. 

So far, people have been loving the bread content on Instagram. Since the video was posted on April 1, it has received over 200 views. 

She even answers any questions you have directly in the comments. 

“Everyone is so positive about it people are loving it, and I have eight-year-olds baking bread learning math reading and creating,” Rogerson told Narcity

“I have some photos from some of my young breadmakers who actually made the loafer bread. The only thing their parents did was turn on the oven and take it out.”

By the looks of her Instagram, Rogerson bakes all the time. 

We strongly suggest you eat something before browsing her social media. Everything looks so good and your mouth will definitely be watering. 

The baker also has a website called “Bread Love” where she posts amazing images of her creations. She is also known to frequent farmers' markets and even teaches classes on how to make your own bread. 

Rogerson told Narcity that another tutorial will be coming out in two weeks' time so until then, take your time mastering the first one. 

This is the exact activity we all need to relax.