As the winter rages on, brave Canadians are bundling up and packing their gear for a totally free day of fishing. On Wabamun lake this Saturday, people of all levels of experience can ice fish for free in Edmonton. The event, hosted by the Alberta Conservation Association, comes with experienced volunteers ready to teach and hot dogs ready to eat (while supplies last).

The event is being held on Saturday, February 15, and is running from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Their site specifies that the event is open to everyone, even those who've never held a fishing rod in their lives. And, despite being called "Kids Can Catch," the event is open to people of all ages. We're all kids at heart, after all.

The organizers ask attendees to break out the mitts, scarves, toques, and other fluorescently coloured, poofy clothing. "The warmer you are, the more fun you’ll have," reads their website.

They also recommend bringing folding chairs, sunglasses, thermoses, blankets, extra jackets and other equipment for a day out in the cold. Toboggans for hauling supplies are also recommended.

If you're in Edmonton this winter, you don't want to miss out on this seasonal fun.

This year marks the sixth anniversary of the popular free ice fishing event, and if previous numbers are accurate, over a thousand people can be expected to attend this year.

According to Global News, there were tons of inexperienced people there last year, so don't feel intimidated. With pre-drilled holes, fishing rods on loan, and experienced volunteers ready to show you the ropes, you'll be fishing in style in no time.

This is the perfect opportunity to treat that special someone with a date they'll remember.

Because the event lands on one of Alberta's two annual family fishing weekends, no fishing license is required. However, regulations still apply.

The event is also catch-and-release only, meaning caught fish are returned to their fishy homes in the frozen lake after capture. Think of it as an alien abduction roleplay for the fish.

"We try to remove all of the barriers or challenges for folks to get over and try it for the first time," Ken Kranrod, Vice President of the Alberta Conservation Association told Narcity.

"We have everything on hand, whether it's equipment, supplies, or mentorship."

For safety reasons, people aren't allowed to walk on ice that's less than 10cm thick. Fortunately, their staff will be measuring thickness before the event to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Speaking of safety, attendees are asked not to drive on the ice and to avoid drilling their own holes.

Organizers have noted that the event could be cancelled if the ice gets too thin or the temperature drops below -20 degrees.

Considering how freezing cold the weather has been this season, we're hoping the air stays balmy!

Wabamun Lake Ice Fishing

Price: Free

When: Saturday February 15, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Address: Wabamun Lake

Why You Need To Go: Give ice fishing a try in this beginner-friendly, free event.